your ninth week

It was time for your first vaccinations . . . and Mummy was terrified!

You didn't seem that bothered as you went into the doctors surgery.
But then you didn't know what was coming.

The doctor checked you over first and said that you were perfect.
But then we knew that already.

You were gaining weight well.
You were bright and alert.
You were sleeping through the whole night now.
A perfect little boy.

And Mummy had to let some mean nurse poke you with needles.

Turns out that we could add brave to your list of many attributes.
You completely ignored the first jab all together.
You weren't so keen on the second one.
But a Mummy Cuddle made it all better.

And you clearly didn't hold it against us.
Because later that week . . . 

You laughed.

A cute little gurgling chuckle.
An adorable noise that we would do anything to try and earn.

Mostly you giggled when we smiled at you.
Or when we pulled funny faces.

You were our number one fans.
And we were yours.

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