your thirty-fifth week

It seemed like you were changing all the time.

And not a day seemed to go by
without a new skills learnt
and a new challenge conquered.

Daddy had changed jobs
which meant he didn't get to see as much of you as he liked.
And he would sometimes swear that he could tell your hair had grown.

You appeared to be turning into quite a little dare devil.

You loved loud noises
especially sudden loud noises
that made you jump.
You would jump and then giggle straight after.

You loved to be thrown up in the air.
And when we swung you around
or pretended to drop you.

When you were hung upside down to walk on the ceiling
you thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

We had got to eight months old 
but it was time for a negative first milestone. 

You caught your first cold. 

Mummy thought that eight months without a cold 
was really good going. 
She liked to take the credit for your good health
because she had been giving you the magic mummy milk. 

You were so brave 
even though your cold was making you sad. 
And you didn't really cry, 
you just looked miserable and fed up. 

Mummy and Daddy found it really hard to see you feeling poorly. 
It was horrible to feel so helpless 
because all we wanted to do was to make it better. 

Daddy cheered you up by giving you a nice long, cool bath. 
And Mummy prescribed lots of cuddles. 
A bit of Calpol brought your temperature down 
and you spent the afternoon crawling around in your nappy, 
stopping every now and again for a hug. 

You were getting to be really affectionate 
and liked to snuggle into our necks when we gave you a cuddle. 

You had also started a new thing, 
of reaching out for Mummy when other people were holding you. 
You were always such a good boy 
and were happy to be held and played with by anyone 
but Mummy loved it when you reached out to go back to her. 

It completely melted her heart. 
It was like those first smiles all over again. 
It was just so lovely to see that you loved us 
just as much as we loved you. 
That you wanted to be with us 
as much as we wanted to be with you. 
That you liked us. 

Mummy loved that you were such a confident and happy little boy, 
but she also liked that you were a little bit of a mummy's boy too. 


  1. This is such a beautiful blog, :)
    You've really got a way with words!

    Hope the little man is feeling better now! :)

  2. We have had colds and bugs all round here as well- Mads is really suffering with it, and she has been a lot more cuddly as a result. I hate to see her poorly but I love her being more affectionate as a result! x


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