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BritMum's have asked us
to share our five favourite blogs this week
as part of their blogging prompt. 
And I found this so tricky. 
I thought I would have found it easier to pick ten 
but then when I tried picking ten as a shortlist, 
I ended up with fifteen.

So I went back to square one and went with my gut. 
These five blogs are the ones that I thought of first. 
These are five blogs whose posts I will read, 
without fail, 
as soon as I spot them.

The first three are mummy blogs
but with the other two
I thought I'd share some of my wider reading.
I'd definitely recommend checking all five of these out
if you haven't already. . .

This was one of the first blogs that I started reading 
once I got into the world of mummy blogging.
I LOVE Katie's blog.
She's funny
she's honest 
and a lot of the time I read her posts 
and feel like I could have said those words myself.
I love the monthly letters that she writes to her beautiful little girl Mads,
I think it will such a beautiful thing to share with her as she grows up.

I started reading Boo and Me because I liked the name.
My nickname was Boo growing up,
so it sort of stood out in the crowd as far as I was concerned.
But now I LOVE Boo and Me
for so many more reasons.
The 'Me' of Boo and Me
writes completely beautifully,
I so love reading her posts.
She somehow finds the words to describe her battles with PND
and I for one have learned a lot about this disease from her.
But there's a lot of light and lovely stuff there too.
And her little Boo is gorgeous
and I love the posts about what she gets up to.

I LOVE reading this blog.
She's just such a really witty writer.
 She recently wrote a post about how many 'x'
you put after tweets, texts and comments;
and I laughed out loud as I was reading it.
And her little lady Iyla is such a cutie
with the best hair.
Little Man tried to model his on hers the other day
but he failed miserably.

This is one of the first ever blogs I started reading
and I still love it just as much.
Young House Love is John and Sherry
plus their adorable baby Clara and their dog Burger.
Their blog is about their lives doing up their house.
They threw their little girl the cutest first birthday party
which I plan on stealing some ideas from.
Oh and they did a weekly photo shoot for her first year. . .
I so wish I'd done that.

A Beach Cottage
This blog is pure escapism at it's best as far as I'm concerned.
Sarah is an ex-Brit, now living in Australia
with her husband and kiddos.
She writes about food
and life by the sea
and doing up their once tatty house.
She loves to spending her time
taking photos, being outdoors
and 'tablescaping'
and then she kindly blogs about to make everyone jealous!
And one look at her blog
and you'll more than likely spot one of the reasons I love it so much.
She LOVES white decor.
Lady after my own heart.

I have such a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach now. . .
. . .like I've forgotten someone. . .
but please check out my Blog Love page.
There is lots of love for more blogs there.

Go and see some other bloggers' responses to the prompts here.


  1. Ahhh thank you lovely - this has made me feel very happy :) I will have to go and check out the other last two as I don't think I read any blogs that aren't mummy bloggers! xx (you just got two kisses! Special occasion!)

  2. I only read two of those mentioned here but will definitely check out the others, they sound really good!

  3. Thank you so so so much hun, you have made me feel really honoured! I am chuffed that you like my blog lots. And you know how much I love yours too. You have such a beautiful way of writing and I would love to be able to take photos like you do- in fact I may even do a Brit Mums prompt of my own.

    Thank you xx

  4. Quite a few blogs on there that I have not come across yet so thank you so much for sharing...I shall check them out! x

  5. Thank you SO much for the mention. It means so much that you like my blog, and it's an honour to be listed in such brilliant company!x


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