your thirty-fourth week

You had learned to do so much, so quickly.

In the space of a week you had moved on from sitting up in the bath
to sitting yourself up all over the place.

And probably more excitingly,
you were crawling.
You had worked out that by moving one leg at a time
you could move forwards
although you hadn't worked out how to repeat yet.
So you crawling went along the lines of;
crawl, crawl, fall down, get up,
crawl, crawl, fall down, get up.

And then when you got where you wanted to go,
you would sit yourself up to play or have a look around.

Your new mobility meant that we were having to think carefully 
about where things lived
and where we put you down
to make sure that you stayed safe.

We had been a little bit worried 
that you would terrorise your fluffy brothers 
once you were on the move.
But if anything,
they seemed more interested in you now that you moved about.

And your eyes would light up when you saw them.
And you were always very gentle with them.

You had discovered a new position 
that you seemed to like to spend a lot of time in.
You would lie on your side and hold onto your leg.

It looked really funny
especially because you could stay like it for quite a while 
if something entertained you.

Mummy was pleased to see that you would always have lovely pointy toes when you stopped like this.
She wondered whether some of that Baby Yoga had rubbed off on you.

You were really interested in everything.
You loved to be nosey,
especially when you went out in your buggy.

We could always tell when you were really interested in something 
because you would either pull a really fascinated face,
or a really serious face.
The serious face often came out when we were visiting somewhere new
and you were trying to take it all in.

You were so nosey that you didn't like to be carried looking backwards
and would wriggle around until you could see where you were going.
This made you a bit of a pickle to carry sometimes
but it was lovely to see you so interested in the world around you.

Because we were having unseasonably hot weather for early October
we spent plenty of time being outdoors.
And that included another dip in the hot tub.

You seemed to love it more and more each time that you went in.
But you couldn't understand why you weren't allowed 
to just kick and splash about by yourself 
like you did in the bath.

But nothing made you smile more than when you got splashed.

You went for your first overnight stay
without Mummy and Daddy.

They had a party to go to
so you went to for a sleepover at Nanny Marge and Pops' house.

Mummy and Daddy got you ready for bed like normal
but at Nanny's.
You were a really good boy
and slept all night.
And then Mummy came round
first thing in the morning
to feed you when you got up.

Mummy and Daddy had really missed you.
It seemed really funny to be at home
without you there.
Mummy missed popping in to your room
to watch you sleep.
And Daddy missed your smiley face
when you first get up in the morning.

But you clearly didn't hold it against us
as you had been such a good, happy boy on your sleepover.

And you gave Mummy an absolutely huge smile 
as soon as you saw her in the morning,
which completely melted her heart.

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  1. Aw well done on your first sleepover. We have been out on a few nights out but have yet to leave her completely for the whole night. I think I am ready for it though- would be quite nice to have a bit of a lie in!! x


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