a birth story - part one

This is a post that I never really thought I would write.
For the sake of my darling son's sanity,
I just wasn't sure that all the personal and disgusting details
should really ever be written down,
let alone published for all the world to see.
But this is the reality of his coming into the world
and is therefore an important part of his story,
which is,
after all,
the whole point of Dear Beautiful.

....... But feel free to look away if you want.

On the evening of Saturday February 5th,
my husband and I were in our living room watching the television and arguing.
We were four days away from due date
and our little Dollop still didn't have a name.
Our plan all along had been to have at least four names picked out
long before this point;
two boys names and two girls names.
We hadn't ruled out having eight names picked out actually
if we had strong feelings about particular middle names.

But instead,
in week 39 of pregnancy
we had decided on absolutely nothing.
We had ideas and names we liked,
worryingly there were very few that we agreed on,
but nothing set in stone.
And as I bounced on my birthing ball
(in an attempt to get gravity to do it's best to get Dollop on the way)
I decided that enough was enough
and we were not going to bed until we had decided,
once and for all,
on a first and middle name for Dollop,
be it a girl or a boy.

After MUCH disagreement, compromise and deliberation
we finally settled on four names that we loved.
I even wrote them on a piece of paper
to check that they looked okay written down.
I remember going to bed that night
feeling like that nagging worry at the back of my head had gone.
Sorting out names really was the last thing that we had needed to get done
in preparation for Dollop's arrival,
and we had finally decided.
Last box on the list was checked!
And with at least a few days to spare.

I had convinced myself that Dollop was,
more than likely,
going to make a slightly late arrival.
The statistics were in my favour
as first pregnancies tend to go past their due date
and I just "had a feeling" which I convinced myself was mothers intuition,
and it was telling me that I was going to be hanging around on February 9th
waiting for a baby that was yet to arrive.

Read the next part here.


  1. Oooh exciting can't wait to

  2. picking names is such a hard thing to do isn't it!

  3. Picking the right name definitely feels like a big responsibility. We had lots of ideas before we got pregnant but then we got picky. X

  4. He he, We put our names into urban dictionary to make sure the initials didn't mean anything rude!! or something that we weren't aware of xx

  5. We didn't even think about the initial really. Just didn't want names beginning with R because that's what our surname begins with. And poor hubby is RR and doesn't like it very much. x

  6. I so know what you mean the with the naming issue, as my OH and I couldn't agree either! But I am very happy with our choice of names now. Looking forward to the next part of your story x

  7. Love this, we had the same with MM's name and only picked it the week before she was born, buba we had first and middle decided the moment I found out he was a boy. It's funny picking a name, so many worries and questions. Will it suit them? Will it be unique but not made fun of unique? Will I hate it a few months down the line? etc. It was hard for me and then it was hard for both of us to even agree! Off to read the rest of beautiful boy's story I love how you broke it up into parts. keeps us reading and excited for the next one. You are so creative!


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