big jigs stacking cubes review

My little guy absolutely loves knocking things over. 
It’s his latest favourite thing to do. 
That, and banging or shaking things to make a noise. 
So when The Wooden Toy Shop gave us the chance 
to test out and review the Big Jigs Stacking Cubes
I jumped at it.

I've recently been writing the little guys Christmas list
and practically everything on it is a wooden toy
or something really traditional.
I have always much prefer old fashioned style toys. 
As well as making me feel nostalgic, 
they also tend to look and wear better 
and these Stacking Cubes definitely fulfilled my dreams.

As soon as they arrived the little guy was fascinated by them, 
and I was impressed with the quality and size of them. 
They are really well made without so much as a sharp edge or corner in sight, 
and despite being made of wood are surprisingly light-weight, 
ideal for little hands and fingers. 
They are also really brightly coloured 
and the images on each one are dynamic and exciting to look at.

When I built them up in to a tower, 
you could see that you get a lot of toy for your money. 
And the fact that they each fit snugly inside each other 
means that they tidy away really easily and into a small amount of space.

The little guy really enjoyed picking them up 
and banging them against each other, 
and because they are wooden this makes a really interesting sound. 
He also enjoyed shaking the bigger boxes with a smaller box inside 
because this made a fun rattling noise. 
The variety in the sizes meant that he had to work out 
how to pick up the biggest ones and smallest ones differently; 
but he quickly got the hang of it 
and this is really good for his developing motor skills.

As well as being great to look at, 
being brilliant for making a lot of noise 
and being fantastic to build up and push over; 
we also had loads of fun hiding things inside them 
and then finding them again. 

In a relatively short amount of time, 
I found all sorts of ways to use these boxes to keep him entertained.
And I think this is one the toys greatest attributes.
This wasn't a toy that we could get bored with quickly
because there are so many things to do with them.
And I think they will continue to grow with him
and still be well used.

With a background as an Early Years teacher, 
I also couldn’t help noticing how much educational content we will be able to get out of these toys. 
Each one has a different animal on 
with the name of the animal 
and the letter that animal begins with. 
They are also numbered 
and have corresponding objects to count. 
When you add to that, 
the fact that they are each a different colour and size; 
I can see these being a toy that we continue to look at, explore together and enjoy for many years to come.

We absolutely love them.

And if you like them too, then I'd highly recommend popping by later in the week.
Because, maybe,
just maybe,
I might be running my first giveaway.


  1. I will definately be popping back - may need to invest in these for my princess!

  2. They look fantastic! I know a number of children in my family who would love those! I love the fact that they pack away so neatly. I will be popping back too!

  3. Wow they are gorgeous!! So much nicer than the plastic cups we have at home. Great first review!

  4. These look great and he looks like he is enjoying them a lot! :) x


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