inspirational people

By a long way,
the people who have inspired me the most,
through out my whole life
are my parents.

And as sentimental and cheesy as it is,
for me,
they completely rock.

I really couldn't have asked for better parents.
In fact, as a person who isn't often lost for words,
I actually find myself struggling to find the right ones.
Because really, they are the reason that I am who I am today.

I have always known, how loved I am.
I have always believed that they would support me.
I have gained confidence from knowing that they will always be there for me,
whenever, or however I need them.

I suppose that you could say I was a bit of a daddy's girl growing up.
My dad and I were on the same wave length.
It felt like we thought about things in a similar way.

He worked long hours up in London when we were small
so we didn't tend to see that much of him during the week.
But when I think back,
I remember many weekends spent out the front of the house washing the cars together,
although I'm sure that a combination of my short attention span
and the fact that my dad can literally spend hours washing a car
meant that he probably finished the job alone.

On the days at the beginnings and ends of school holidays
when my mum had to go back to work before we were back at school,
my dad would always plan action packed days;
going to the swimming pool in Sudbury
(which had far superior facilities than our local pool, including waves)
or to the cinema
(and we were ALWAYS allowed popcorn and sweets.)

I always looked forward to him coming home from work.
My brother and I often used to run screaming to the door to meet him.


I think it's fair to say that I've grown into being a mummy's girl.
Growing up, dad and me were a gang of two,
and so were mum and my brother.
But mum and I have always been close.
And I would say that she is my best friend in the whole world.

My mum worked in a school 
so she was always around to pick us up after school
and look after us during the holidays.
If I'm honest I don't have so many stand out memories from my childhood about my mum
because she was always there.
She was always around.
Always supporting us.
Always there for a cuddle.
Or to bathe a grazed knee.
To read a book,
or do an art project
or play hairdressers.

When I think back on every single one of my memories from being little,
she is there in the background somewhere,
playing the supporting role,
letting everyone else shine.
But there.

I know that my own desperate desire to be a stay-at-home-mum
is because, in my experience,
mummies are always there.

Both my parents have played a huge role in my life.
And even now, as a supposed grown up, I turn to them a lot.
For help.
For advice.
For support.
And for approval.
I thought that by now I might have grown out of the need to 'please' my parents
but I'm starting to think I never will.
After all, pleasing them is just about the only way 
that I can say thank-you for everything they have done for me.


Since becoming a mummy
I find that my appreciation for them has grown even more.
I can only now, really understand the sacrifices that they made.
I can now understand what it feels like to be in their shoes.

When he was born, I couldn't wait for my mum and dad to meet him.
I felt so proud of myself.
And I knew that they were proud of me too.

My greatest honour in life has been to become a parent.
And as part of that honour
I also get the pleasure of seeing them become grandparents.
Watching them dote on their grandson.
Watching their relationship with him.
Seeing how much they adore him.
And how much he adores them.

If I can be half the parent to the little man
then I'll be doing a damn good job!


And as I know they pop by from time to time.

for everything.
I love you both lots.
x x


  1. Oh my god, you have made me cry. The one of you and your dad when you were a baby is just amazing, there is something about a grown man with a tiny newborn baby that is just beautiful x

  2. Aww this is absolutely the sweetest! :) Really lovely post xx

  3. What a beautiful post! *sniffs*

  4. Amazing post, you can just see the love in those photos. I was always a daddy's girl when I was younger too and somewhere in my teen my mum and I became friends, not just mum and daughter anymore. I love how you are all still so close.

  5. Lovely! Sometimes I suspect people don't appreciate what they have, but you have proved me wrong so succinctly ;) And I love the photos, the old ones are great xx

  6. Made me cry and not even sure why exactly. Possibly because you have a more straightforward relationship with your parents than I have had, possibly because my mum died a couple of years ago, not sure. Very moving post and clearly very special people indeed. Love so many of the photos.

  7. Oh, missues! You've made me cry! What a beautifully heartfelt post.

  8. Beautiful.
    This is the type of parent I aspire to be - I hope that when my son is older he can reflect back as you have. As a parent - who could ask for more?

  9. Your post gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling, thank you! :) I love the photos, especially the ones of your parents with you as a baby and then as an adult. xx

  10. Aww this is the most wonderful post, so sweet and you clearly love your family so much. x

  11. That is a beautiful post! Sudbury? Quite close to me...are you still nearish there? x


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