if i had just one day to myself...

I should probably start of by saying 
that since reading this week's BritMums Blogging Prompts 
I have been fantasising about my ideal day down to the smallest details.
The result being that I spent a whole day of my weekend
thinking about how perfect a day good be,
if only......

My dream day would start late.
Not too late,
I don't want to waste this blissful day by spending all of it in bed,
but just late enough that I would wake naturally, feeling refreshed.
I'd be in my own bed, at home.

I know, I know, I could be anywhere because this is a dream,
but there really is nothing like the comfort of being in your own bed.

I would wake up to find my lovely hubby and beautiful boy smiling at me.
My cuddly little pussy cats would scramble up onto the bed 
and we'd have a lovely family cuddle
while I tuck into a McDonalds Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin, 
a hash brown 
and a big glass of milk.

When I eventually decide to tear myself away
I would wander out of the bedroom
and then spend my day on a beach.
Not just any beach.
The beach in Cuba where we spent the majority of our honeymoon.

I'd spend the day sunbathing in the sunshine,
reading books,
going for a dip in the sea when I got a bit too hot.
Having a little doze in the shade for a while.

I'd have a late lunch
of afternoon tea.
Like at The Ritz,
with the dainty sandwiches
and delicious pastries
and very pretty crockery.


In the afternoon I'd go back to my beach
and have pampering spa treatments
whilst sipping on cocktails;
the ones they make in a specific cocktail bar in Scarborough
that hubby and I used to frequent when we were first going out. 

As the sun began to set
I would go home.
Have a cuddle with the little man.
Not just any cuddle,
a fresh from the bath,
all warm and clean,
and smelling beautiful
wrapped in a big white fluffy towel cuddle.

Once he was quietly settled into bed,
I think I'd swan around in my wedding dress for a bit.
Just because.

Then I'd have a long bath myself
with scented candles
and spend a bit more time with a good book.

Then in some fresh PJs,
I'd get comfy on a big plush sofa
and I'd spend the evening watching my favourite girly romantic movies
and eating Pringles and Milkybar Buttons and Ben & Jerry's.
(Of course the calories would have been taken out 
so that I could enjoy these and still feel completely guilt free.)

I'd go to bed early.
My bed would have clean sheets on,
because, lets face it, fresh bed sheets rock my world.

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  1. Loving the Ritz idea which is on my list too and also the fresh bed sheets which always make you feel fabulous. Stunning bride by the way so no wonder you want to do it all over again. Great post

  2. Mmmmmmmmm.... *floats away on a cloud*

  3. Wow .... that brought back memories of my honeymoon in the Maldives where I had lots and lots of treatments ..... Oh and I havent had chocolate buttons for ages - am going to buy a bag tomorrow.

  4. Lush your day sounds very similar to my perfect one too! Except I'd obviously cuddle my family not yours! ;) x


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