my best day

Picking one best day is so tricky.
I have been so fortunate in my life
and I have been blessed 
with many special memories 
and many wonderful days.

My husband and I are still in agreement two years later
that in terms of best days,
our wedding day rocked.
It was perfect in every sense of the word.

I have already blogged about my happy memories of my wedding day.
It was a beautiful day absolutely 
crammed full of fantastic memories,
with all our favourite people
all there to celebrate our love.
And it's hard to get much better than that.

When I was pregnant
everybody said that having my baby
would be the best day of my life.
And I can definitely think of a lot of different ways to describe that day.

But by comparison to our wedding,
there are lots of scary, worrying and painful moments
involved in the day that the little guy was born.

Ever since I started blogging
I have been working on my birth story.
I'm still nowhere near finished 
and it already promises to be at least a weeks worth of posts.

The day that he was born
was without doubt one of the best days of my life.
It was also
the most exhausting day of my life,
the most emotional day of my life,
the most physically painful day of my life,
and the most life-changing day of my life.

I think that my husband and I both have some negative feelings 
about how things went over the 6th and 7th of February 2011.
It was without doubt the scariest thing we have been through as a couple.
And it didn't really go the way that either of us expected it to.

Hindsight, in some ways
instead of dulling the fear
makes it stronger.
Because without the rush of adrenaline
that keeps you going at the time,
things looks far scarier on reflection.

That day I experienced so many new things
including the most awesome love that I could ever have imagined.
And that love,
that sudden rush of feeling I felt
upon seeing him the very first time;
the instincts that kicked in.
That powerful desire
to love him
and protect him
with every last bit of me.
Well, that completely overrides the fears.

Those feelings are what have helped me look back on my birth story so positively.
Those feelings are what make me know that I'd happily go through it all over again.
Those feelings are what make it a best day.
The best day.

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  1. Wonderful post- the day my daughter was born is most definitely the best of my life. I can't wait to read your birth story. x

  2. Beautiful! What a gorgeous post and so true, it is the best day. Lovely family photo too

  3. Such a sweet post. And so real. Our little boys were born pretty close to each other. Dexter was 16th February. It's crazy how the birthing process for a mother is so equally traumatic and wonderful at the same time. It is crazy to think that you must go through so much pain, exhaustion and emotional turmoil just to experience that most wonderful bliss. But I guess it's all worth it in the end. :)

    This post brought a tear to my eye.

  4. What a wonderful post. Having a baby is truly one of the best days of your life. xx

  5. A lovely post. The mothering instincts amazing isn't it? How you can instantly forget all the trauma.

  6. Love it! I'm torn about my BEST DAY...I think I've settled on which one but I have similar feelings about the day Ella was born. Thanks so much for sharing such lovely words and a gorgeous picture for this week's blogging prompt.

    :) Karin @ BritMums

  7. Ahhh! A lovely and honest post and as usual a beautiful photo at the end x

  8. Now that warmed my heart ....... look forward to reading your birth story.

  9. Beautiful post, as always, there are so many emotions and feelings involved in bringing new life into this World xx


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