a happy memory

I have many happy memories with my little boy.
He has changed our lives completely 
and it seems like everyday there is another memory 
that I want to capture and keep forever.

But when we're talking of real happy memory making days
I don't really think I've had a better one than my wedding.

Besides, I think you would be hard pushed 
to find a girl who doesn't like showing off pictures of her wedding day. 
And I am no exception. . .

The word we used the most to describe our wedding day was perfect.
And it really was perfection.
In every sense of the word.


The summer of 2009 was pretty disappointing weather wise.
But it was perfect the day of the wedding.
I'd been dreaming of a beautiful outdoor ceremony
but that obviously hinged entirely on what Mother Nature decided to send our way.
And she decided to shine on us that day.
And I got my dream.


Walking down the aisle with my daddy
still ranks right up there with one of the proudest moments of my life.
Although at the time I think the two of us were so worried about crying
that we tried not to think about it too much.

Once we got to the top of the aisle 
I was desperately looking for my hubby-to-be's face.
But he wasn't looking at me.
Turns out he'd had a sneaky peek and was now busy trying not to cry himself.


We decided to write our own wedding vows.
Well. . . I say "we". . . I "told" hubby that we would be writing our own vows.

When I read them back now, 
it still brings a tear to my eye.
And my supposedly unromantic hubby totally pipped me to the post with his.

I said:
I promise to be the best partner and friend in the world through a relationship built on trust, honest, humour and, above all, our beautiful love for one another. 

And he said: 
I promise to treasure you always because you complete me.

You can see why I married him, right?


I had something of a love affair with my wedding dress.
I really do think the dress picked me and not the other way around.

I harboured dreams of getting it out 
and wearing it around the house 
every year on our anniversary.

But by our first anniversary
we were announcing that we were twelve weeks pregnant.
And I was sporting the beginning of a baby bump.
And by our second
I'd had our beautiful boy.
And I was sporting what's left after the baby leaves the bump.

Maybe next year. . .


It was a fantastic day.
The best party I've ever been to.
All my favourite people,
in one place
to celebrate
the love between me and my best friend.

It was a day full of the happiest memories.
And I couldn't possible choose just one.

Saying our vows.

First kiss as man and wife.

First dance.


And our last dance was pretty awesome, 
if a little bizarre
when everyone at the reception stood round us in a circle 
swaying their arms in time to the music.

And we just cuddled in the middle,
hardly believing our luck.
To have found each other.
To have such wonderful friends and family.
To have had such a perfect day.

'Well anyway, it's looking like a beautiful day.
So throw those curtains wide,
One day like this a year would see me right.'

I love you Mr R.
And I still mean every word of those vows.
Every single day.
x x x


  1. wow .. lovely pics and lovely words x

  2. Ahhhh wow, brought tears to my eyes. I am still waiting for Dad2babyinsomniac to ask me the big question. I am going to read him all of these wedding stories tonight to put the pressure on :) x

  3. Beautiful- I also wrote about the same, your photo's are gorgeous and it looks like you had a lovely day. I wish I could keep every single second of my wedding day in my memory- it was amazing! x

  4. Beautiful photos and you Look absolutely gorgeous!!! Xx

  5. Beautiful photos! You look stunning!

  6. What a gorgeous post!! So lovely and your dress is beautiful!!

  7. Beautiful photos and you looked stunning! That dress is scrumptious by the way xx

  8. Wow what a gorgeous pair of newly weds and a gorgeous memory. Your words and photos are wonderful - so great to read thanks for sharing xx

  9. Wow wee! What a stunningly beautiful Wedding! You look amazing. Gorgeous. x

  10. Aww beautiful, both in words and pictures x

  11. Yes another wow here - it looks like an idyllic day and it's always so lovely to read about real love. You are so blessed :)xx

  12. Beautiful pictures. It looks like a wonderful day - and what a romantic your husband is! I got married a couple of weeks ago and I think I'll be dining out on my wedding day for many years to come. Never understood how people could get so caught up in it until I was a bride on my own wedding day myself. x

  13. What a beautiful wedding day, stunning photos and most definitely a happy memory

  14. Beautiful pictures. You look absolutely lovely. You vows were beautiful too.

  15. I like the middle pic where there are three together. You look like the cat that got the cream and from the look of your husband's vow to you, you did just that.

  16. Ahh it brought tears to my eyes second time round! And has reminded me how much I want to get married - will be bringing it up again to Dad2BabyInsomniac tonight! x

  17. AW! Lookign at those photos its easy to see how DBB is so darn beautiful!

  18. Wow, such a beautiful post. x


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