your thirtieth week

You were learning new things all the time.

Your latest party trick was banging your hand on things.
You banged you hands on the floor while you were playing.
You banged your hands on the table at meal times.
You banged your hands in the water when you were in the bath.

It was definitely a new favourite.

You would often laugh at yourself
for being so clever.
And when you splashed water everywhere by doing it in the bath
you giggled so much you rolled over with laughter.

We took you on a picnic
because it seemed like the end of summer was coming
and we wanted to enjoy every last moment of it.

Daddy showed you a horse chestnut tree.
He even swung a big stick around trying to get you a conker,
but it was still a little bit too early.

Daddy put you up on his shoulders for the first time.
It was hard to say who enjoyed it more.
Daddy had been waiting to put his little boy on his shoulders 
since before you were even born.

Mummy and you had started going to Baby Sensory classes
which you both really enjoyed.

It involved lots of singing and movement.
There was baby sign, baby massage and baby yoga.
You played with maracas, pom-poms and ribbons.

And it seemed to have a bit of an educational slant to it,
which Mummy liked.
Because you were such a clever baby after all.

You seemed in such a hurry to grow up.

More teeth were popping through all the time.
Number four had broken through and number five didn't look very far behind.

And you were very nearly crawling.
You could go backwards and round in circles,
but you hadn't quite worked out how to coordinate your arms and legs to take you forwards.

You made very frustrated little grunting and whining noises
when toys went just out of your reach,
because you were so desperate to work out how to get them back.

You were such a water baby 
that we decided it was time you had another dip in Pops and Marge's hot tub.
When you went in as a tiny baby,
it had made you really sleepy.
But not this time. . .

You absolutely loved it.

You went in with your Nanny Marge and your Nain
and you had a great time.
You splashed and giggled until you were completely exhausted.

The smile you gave Mummy said it all,
you were having an absolute blast.


  1. Gorgeous as always and I am loving the new blog revamp- it looks fab. Even though DBB is slightly younger than Mads, they are doing very similar things. Can you believe how grown up they are getting?! I love watching them grow each day! xx

  2. OMGoodness what a little heartbreaker he is! What a lovely memory post for this milestone!


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