your thirty-second week

It seemed like you had a lot to say for yourself all of a sudden.

Not that you being a chatterbox came as any particular surprise.
It just seemed to happen so quickly.
And you were suddenly babbling and talking to us.

You would natter to Mummy when you were in the car.
You would natter to Daddy when he was in bed trying to have a lay in.
You would natter at meal times.
And at bath times.
And all the times in between.

Most of your talking was a "bab-bab-bab" type noise.
And sometimes a "bub-bub-bub" sound.
And you often made a "mum-mum-mum" sound.
Which obviously made Mummy feel really happy.
And Daddy, not so much.
He had spent nearly all his time with you talking in "dad-dad-dad"s 
and you still said mum first.

You also enjoyed making a noise that sounded a bit like Donald Duck.
And you liked smacking you lips together.
Daddy said you looked like an old man when you did that.
Mummy thought it was more like a goldfish.

We were progressing on with your weaning,
and you were beginning to enjoy feeding yourself some finger foods.
You liked to chew on big chunks of banana or avocado.
And you liked biscotti biscuits.

We had finally found something that you weren't so keen on though,
You didn't like cod.
We had even tried mixing it with one of your favourites, sweet potato.
But you just didn't like it.
You started out pulling a face 
which would quickly turn into crying 
over every single mouthful.

Your favourites were Leek, Sweet Potato and Pea
and Potato, Spinach and Pea.
And you liked to have Peach, Apple and Strawberry for dessert.
Or a good old Petit Filous.

You went to another first birthday party.
And there was a bouncy castle.

You hadn't been on one before 
and at first you didn't look too sure.
But then you decided that not only did you like it,
but you loved it.

You were giggling and smiling the whole time 
as you wobbled around 
and watched all the bigger children and grown ups bounce around you.
You couldn't work out why you couldn't roll around like normal
but you didn't seem to mind too much.

You were smiling and flirting with all the ladies
and generally being a little heart-breaker.
We were starting to think that we might have trouble with you as you got older.
It seemed like you were growing into a right little charmer.

But then with a smile that gorgeous
and a laugh that infectious
how could anyone resist you?


  1. Ahh this is lovely!! My little boy does the lip smacking donald duck thing too, it is adorable! I love your photos too!! A lovely post! :-) x

  2. You take such good photos hun- or is your hubby that does it? Whoever it is, they are fab! x

  3. Awww, thank-you. The photos on the blog are all mine, apart from the odd ones that I'm in and a few that were professional ones when he was about 4 months old. I stick a camera in that poor boy's face a lot of the time, luckily he plays along at the moment. x


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