The shoes people wear often say a lot about that person, I think.
I've always liked that phrase about trying to walk a mile in someone else's shoes.
Because I think that shoes are so personal,
just like you lot in life is personal.

And lets be honest,
Cinderella is proof positive
that the right pair of shoes
can completely change your life.

My favourites.
Hubby's favourites.
And the little dudes favourites.

And when I lined them up to take picture 
I realised that actually the shoes do say a lot about us.

My shoes are ballet shoes.
These are my absolute favourites.
And it can't be a coincidence that I chose these 
after twenty odd years of dancing.
They are pretty
but practical.
Comfy and a little bit flouncy too.
Very me.

My hubby's shoes say "Please don't look to close
I'm really not very interesting."
Which is very hubby.
He doesn't like all eyes on him.
He doesn't like too much attention.
However he does like a nice pair of shoes,
and these are the most expensive pair of the three.

And then there's our cute little guy
right in the middle of it all
he is the focus,
being protected on both sides by Mummy and Daddy.
And he is also the most fun.
How could you wear dinosaur shoes and not be permanently happy?


  1. Great pic of all your shoes. I love seeing the size comparisons and it makes you realise just how their diddy are! x x

  2. I love your words so much here. Really clever how you get the characters of you 3 over so well via shoes.

  3. beautiful post!!! your words with that photo are so touching xx

  4. Sorry for late comment, I am so behind this week! I love how your shoes reveal who you all are, and the protection is just lovely! x

  5. I love your little boys shoes! They are really cute, where did you find them? Love the pictures that I have seen on your blog so far too, by the way.


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