soundtrack of life: song nine

The music that you listen to and surround yourself with is the soundtrack to your life.

But right now, Little Man, you are just too little to really know about it.
Other than that you like listening to it.
And that you like Mummy singing to it.
Which probably means that your musical tastes still need to be developed a bit.

Each week Mummy and Daddy are choosing a song which has some significance to you.

The Hot Dog Dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

This song will forever remind us of your first year.
Right from your very first hear of this song,
you've responded to it.

And now, at seven months old,
you will stop whatever you are doing
to listen to it and watch the dancing.

Daddy is particularly good at the Goofy dance.
Mummy does a mean impression of Minnie.
And you just smile and giggle.

You have liked songs in the past
but I think we can safely say that
this is your first favourite song.

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  1. How cute- I love that you are doing these, I have loads of songs that remind me of Mads. x


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