home sweet home

Home is where the heart is,
so they say.
And I completely heart mine.

It isn't perfect.
It could be bigger.
It could have nicer furniture,
and a larger kitchen
and better parking.

But it's home.
And like I said,
I love it.

 So I decided to chose my three favourite rooms 
and thought I'd show you them and why I love them.


In third place is:
My living room.

I love that my hubby let me have artistic reign in this room. . .
. . .actually scrap that, I got artistic reign through the whole place.
But I love it in here.

I love the furniture and furnishings.
We bought the wallpaper before we had even moved in.

The little guy and I spend most of our time together in here 
and the room had to change a bit when he came along.
Do you spy the toy box?
That's there for obvious reasons.
And all those storage boxes under the TV and window?
They had to accommodate all the things that had to be re-homed 
when the spare room became his nursery.


In second place is:
Little Man's room.

It was a close one there,
because this room nearly won.
I love spending time in this room.

It's by far the most colourful room in the house,
as I have a bit of a thing for white and cream EVERYTHING.
But I think it's really charming.

I love that is has changed so much 
as we have acquired more toys and books.
We didn't know what we were having when we painted it
so we went with yellow 
and we've just upped the amount of blue since he came along and we became 'Team Blue'.

. . .And my favourite room. . .


My first place and best place in the whole world.
Our bedroom.

It's my haven.
I love our big comfy bed.
I love to get all snuggled up under the weighty blankets.
I love cuddles on weekend mornings with hubby,
and with the little guy too.

. . .BUT. . 

then I had a change of heart.
Because I really do believe that

home is where the heart is

And if that's the case
then I have a much better picture to share.
I took it this weekend
and I love it.

It's not my best picture.
I didn't really frame it up terribly well.
No one is positioned particularly nicely.
In fact no one is even looking at the camera.
But I think it says "home".
And it is probably my new favourite photo.

I'll leave it up to you to work out why.


  1. Because everyone you love is in it! What do I win? ;-) I love your home - your decor is beautiful, right up my street. Unfortunately mine isn't as tidy as yours!

  2. Because your family is in it? You home is lovely by the way. xx

  3. lovely words and what a lovely room you've created for your beautiful little boy x

  4. WOW! Your home is stunning. Could you come and decorate mine for me?!

  5. Lovely home and I agree Home is where the heart is - funnily enough that's what my gallery entry is all about...

  6. Wow oh wow, your house is beautiful! I want that bed! Feel free to come and give me design options any time. x

  7. Fab, love the home - and as you can see from my entry, the bedroom is my favourite place too! Ok - only if my husband and wee one are in it with me!

  8. I love your home and my question is "How the hell do you keep it this tidy with kids" lol

  9. Your home is beautiful; you've got a great eye for interior design! I am astounded at the amount of pillows and cushions that you have on your stunning bed; what on Earth do you do with them all at night?

    The bottom photo is the epitome of home, perfect!

  10. what a lovely post, and what a lovely home you have made for your family. You should be very proud

  11. You home is stunning. All the rooms are gorgeous but I would give anything for a bedroom like yours! Please tell me it's not always so tidy and you cleaned up especially though?! x

  12. Thank-you for all your lovely comments.
    Yes, that last picture says "home" to me because it has all my boys in it. Would you believe that's the first photo of the four of them together?
    And I should probably confess that I had a big tidy up before taking all those house pictures. It is never normally that tidy, and when it is it doesn't last long. You should have seen the devastation behind the camera.

  13. Oh it's all so lovely! I would never in a million years show you my bedroom - it's a bomb site with mess everywhere!


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