"the best blog advice I have ever received is..."

. . . to write for yourself.
I wish I could remember the exact person 
who shared that particular piece of blogging wisdom with me,
it's not exactly a rare piece of advice,
but I do think it's a good one.

I like to see a good number of page views as much as the next person.
I love logging on to find I've got new comments.
I get a little flicker of excitement when I get a Twitter notification,
or when someone new likes my Facebook page.
And believe me, 
I was thrilled when I got a reasonably high score for a newbie 
on my first month on Tots100.

. . .But I haven't let it affect how I write or and what I write about.

I do write more posts now than when I first started.
But that's because I've found I really love it.
To begin with a couple of posts a week was enough to entertain me.
But blogging has been a bit like a drug for me
- a highly addictive drug -
and I like having the opportunity to be creative,
to have an outlet for my thoughts,
and a space in my day dedicated to talking to adults.

I know that I prattle on about my little man a lot.
I know that I like to jabber on about my lovely life.
And I'm pretty sure some people find it pretty nauseating.
But I'm not one who enjoys putting the negative stuff out there.
I like that this blog helps me to focus on the positives:
and God knows, I have so much to positive about.

I am genuinely really proud of my blog.
I love that it's given me a passion for photography, 
something that I only ever toyed with before.
I love that it means I'm learning new things.
I love that it has given me a way of recording 
all the precious moments and milestones of my little guy's life 
and my life as a new mummy.

So if I were to share one piece of advice with newer bloggers,
and I'm still really new to this myself,
it would be to write
what you want to write
how you want to write it
when you want to write it.

Before I press publish,
I always take a second to think to myself,
"Will I want to look at this in twenty years time?
Will I be proud that I wrote it?
Will it make me smile?"
And if the answer is yes
then I hit that button.

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  1. Love this post! Very well put

  2. Outstanding advice and it sounds like you're definitely on the right track and blogging for the right reasons with wonderful results! Well done you!

    Thank you for taking part in the BritMums Blogging Prompt of the Week again! See you next week??

    :) Karin @ BritMums

  3. I really like this because for someone who is new, it makes me realise that people want to hear what I have to say. I was starting to think that what I was writing was boring stuff but this made me realise just how much fun this is and that i should continue doing what i am starting to love.

  4. I love this post - the content and the style. Go for it girl....

  5. I love this post hun- and you are so right, I make sure that I sit and think would I want to read this in 20 years time. I am incredibly proud of my blog and what I have achieved in six months- it is the one passion that I have really found! x

  6. Really right - it is hard not to get sucked in to everything going, but I do try to think of this primarily as a record for the children's lives when they are older. Occasionally I do something random, but I will delete it eventually ;)

  7. Excellent post & great advice :) Love it! xx

  8. Great advice. I like to write for myself too. It's very exciting when someone else reads it though!

  9. i really enjoyed reading this post


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