guilty pleasures

Guilty Pleasures?
Surely the fact that they're guilty implies that you might not want to share them.
That they might be a secret card
played very close to your chest.

I realised that I have one very big guilty pleasure.
A self indulgent secret.
My little hidden treasure.
My own personal space.
That very few people know about.

My blog.

You are in on the guilty pleasure, you see.
But the majority of my 'real' people aren't.
For reasons I don't really know, 
I have kept it a secret.
And that makes it my guilty pleasure.

It's guilty because I keep it secret.
I know there isn't really a reason to.
I don't even talk about any real people on it, 
not that doesn't know about it anyway.
But a secret it remains.

And pleasure because, 
having the opportunity to write is an absolute pleasure.
Blogging has rekindled a love of writing 
that I lost 
somewhere around the time I did A-Level Language and Literature, 
and got so fed up with pulling texts apart 
that I stopped writing creatively any more.
And it's brought me a love of photography,
that has always lingered in me
but never had a reason to get out before.

And it has become somewhat of an addiction.
The blogging
and the fantastic community that has come with it.
I'll often blog in my PJs when I get up in the morning.
And it has already scuppered many plans for early nights
when I have ended up blogging and tweeting into the wee-small hours
instead of getting valuable beauty sleep.
And I think my hubby would attest to the fact
that it has given me a great big excuse to be very lazy about my house work duties.
But I love it.
It gives me a lot of pleasure,
guilty or not.

So my blog is my guilty pleasure.


  1. Yes I think blogger and twitter are guilty pleasures for me too! To be honest there are so many it was hard to choose just one! X

  2. Your blog is lovely and you should feel very proud of it. I wasn't sure whether to tell people either but its lovely when someone in real life reads something and comments.

  3. For a moment there I wondered where you were going with that! I completely agree with you. A level English Lit completely ruined reading for me. It is lovely to just read or write self-indulgently with no analysis needed. Love your blog :)

  4. Yes, my blog is also a GP for me too, I have had to fight for mine and I find myself continually trying to convince people that it is a positive thing for me *sigh* One thing's for sure I will fight to the grave for it :0

  5. Ooh good one. My blog is a secret too. Only 3 real life people know about it. I'm not sure why I haven't told anyone either but it's like my own little thought process and secret bubble. Great post.

  6. What a great use of the prompt. I think blogging is addictive and a pleasure x

  7. Well said, and I agree. NO real people at all know about mine - not even my husband! It's now at the stage where I feel it's almost too late to tell him! So it's a middle of the day guilty pleasure - but boy is it pleasurable!

  8. My love of writing and interest in photography has definately been brought back to me since starting my blog.
    I'm also having too many late nights due to blogging and twitter!

  9. Haha my OH thinks the reason I have got slack with the housework is because of my blog, which it is but I don't tell him that! I am completely addicted! Mines not guilty though because everyone knows about it! The bad thing is that it restricts what I can write about! Great post x

  10. Ooh this is my guilty pleasure as well! A few of my family now but none of my 'real' friends now about my blog. And I like it that way. And completely agree with you about the late nights and lack of housework! xx

  11. I didn't take part today because I couldn't think of anything but you're right, my blog is my guilty pleasure!


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