"if i could start my blog over, i would...."

. . . . like many people I suppose, keep some stuff the same and change others.

I really do think that the most important thing about blogging 
is the writing .
Writing about what you love and writing it honestly.
And I definitely wouldn't change what I write.

Dear Beautiful Boy is very niche. 
I am still baffled that anyone would want to read it 
apart from perhaps my husband (who shows no interest in it whatsoever), 
my immediate family (I know that my mum and dad stop by from time to time - HELLO!) 
and my son in many years to come (it is for him after all).

But I can honestly say 
with my hand on my heart 
that I would write it anyway, 
even if no one read it. 
And I don't think that I would write any differently. 
I really do like the content that I publish. 
I don't spend hours over it. 
I don't draft and edit other than doing a spell check.
I type, I add pictures (not always in that order) and then I publish.

I like things to look just right,
and I like to think that this extends to my blog.
I don't like to over clutter the pages.
I like a lot of pictures.
So that's what you get.

I recently gave the look of the blog a bit of a revamp
and I have to say I'm pretty darn proud of the results.
I made myself a new banner 
which involved me learning how to use a completely new (to me) piece of software.
And while I was at it I made a button (feel free to grab it, I'll love you for it!)
I'm learning more and more all the time about that scary HTML stuff.
And I'm pretty proud of my little baby-fried brain for learning new things.
Especially considering I'm self taught with this blogging lark,
also known as making it up as I go along.

I do occasionally question the name Dear Beautiful Boy.
It is meant as a letter opening. 
As in Dear baby, this is your blog, love from mummy.
And I think sometimes people think I am refering to my son as a 'dear'.
And while he is, of course, a dear
that isn't really the way I speak.
Maybe I should have gone with 'To'. . .
. . . but then To Beautiful Boy doesn't have the same ring.
And To My Beautiful Boy is just a bit long for my liking.
So Dear Beautiful Boy it is.

Lately I've toyed with the idea of dropping the 'blogspot' bit of the URL 
and being all brave and going the self hosted route.
But I'm not really sure it's necessary.
And I quite like good old Blogger.
Hey, it got me this far.
Plus it seems like I have a fair few people reading this lowly blog 
and I wouldn't want them - sorry YOU! - getting lost.

Thank-you BritMums for giving me the inspiration to write this post. x
And feel free to give me feedback.
Go on, I can take it.
I'm learning all the time and always wanting to get better.

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  1. What a wonderful post! You've definitely thought long and hard about your blogging. And I think the look/design of your blog is perfect. As for the Title, your Dear Beautiful Boy will be very proud to read what you've written for him in years to come. What a wonderful living record! ;)


  2. I love your title. It always makes me remember how fabulous it is how us mums love our children so very much.
    You are clearly learning as you go along as we all are. You will have to give me a lesson about banners and buttons.
    Great post and I agree with so much that you say here

  3. I love your title hun- thats the one thing I would change about my blog 'Mummy Daddy and Me make Three' is far far far too long! But oh well I can't change it now- I didn't think when I started blogging anyone would read it and now I am stuck with it! I love your blog and I am so glad we came across each other. x

  4. Im with you, I write my blog for me to read, and for my grandchildren to look back on, not for the rest of the world, the fact that the rest of you read it and enjoy it is just a by-product of my spewing words onto screen. keep up the good work


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