soundtrack of life: song eleven

The music that you listen to and surround yourself with is the soundtrack to your life.

But right now, Little Man, you are just too little to really know about it.
Other than that you like listening to it.
And that you like Mummy singing to it.
Which probably means that your musical tastes still need to be developed a bit.

Each week Mummy and Daddy are choosing a song which has some significance to you.

When You Were Young by The Killers

This song has made the list for one simple reason.
It makes you smile.
A really big beaming smile.
Sometimes with accompanying giggles.

It could be that you are a fan of The Killers
(in which case Mummy couldn't be more proud!)

Or it might just be that whenever it's on
Mummy simultaneously
sings loudly,
plays air guitar,
plays air drums,
and head bangs.

Yeah. . .
. . . it could be that . . .
. . . or maybe you're just a fan.

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