Faces are incredible
and I can never tire of looking at them.

Faces tell stories.
They tell of emotions
and experiences.
They tell of joy
and sadness,
of fear
and excitement.

And one of the greatest joys of becoming a parent
is that you get to watch a little person's face
all the time.

And I've watched as my favourite little face has changed over time.
I've seen it watch me.
I've seen it frown.
I've seen it learn to smile.
I've seen it covered in dinner.
I've seen it wet from the bath.
I've seen it tremble with a wobbly lip on the verge of crying.
I've seen it explode into laughter.

I have stared at that face more than I have stared at any other,
and probably more than I ever will at another.
And yet it still fascinates me everyday.

And I can't wait to see what that face still has in store for me. . .



. . . my favourite face in the whole world.

I can't believe how much it has changed already,
from a puffy little newborn only seconds old,
to a cheeky little monkey playing in the bath.

I often wonder which expression he'll keep as he grows up.
I like to imagine how that face might look when it starts school.
Or when it's twenty.
Or when it's a parent one day.

I know I'll never tire of looking at it.


  1. A real tribute to a very gorgeous face! x

  2. What a beauty, your love shines through

  3. Love those pictures especially the one where he's sticking his tongue out.

  4. Lovely post, all brilliant photos, my favourites are the very first one and the one with him sticking his tongue out.

  5. Great post, some great pictures, he has some fun expressions, I love the picture with his tongue out x

  6. Ahh he is absolutely gorgeous. I love seeing how they change so quickly, I had Iylas one year check-up today and the HV said about how the last time she had seen her she was 6 weeks old and all tiny. It made me feel all sad, they grow up to quickly! x

  7. I often wonder what my 2 will look like when they are older too. This is a wonderful take nnthe theme and some really gorgeous photos to accompany it - beautiful boy he is xx

  8. Now that is one seriously gorgeous little boy! Lovely pictures!

  9. A beautiful post and a beautiful little boy. Love his cheeky tongue sticking out face!

  10. Absolutely stunning photos, love the transition from newborn to an almost little boy.

  11. That was a fantastic post,throughout your blog your love for your son shines through!Its a fantastic blog and you should be proud xx

  12. Thankyou everyone for all your really lovely comments. I'm glad you all liked it, it means a lot to me. X

  13. So many expressions, a beautiful little chap!

  14. Gorgeous little face, and beautiful post. xx


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