this week baby i promise...

This week baby, I promise. . .

. . . to keep a really close eye on you,

so that we don't get any more bumped heads

and the accompanying bruises. 

This week baby I promise is the brain child of Mum of One
The rest are here.

Mum Of One


  1. Oh we can definitely relate to that one in this house!!! I need one of those padded helmets for my little girl and then wrap her from the neck down in bubble wrap!!

  2. Aww yeah, my little lady has a bruise on her cheek, no idea how she got it either :/
    No stopping them once they are mobile though!

  3. Luckily over the years you'll get hardened to the sight of bruises. Hope you don't get another one too soon though! x

  4. LOL, W has a massive one on his nose at the o from crawling down a step too fast...and mummy being too slow!

  5. ahhh...yes we can relate, my older kids get bruises that they dont even know where they came from sometimes!

  6. Our little boy when he was 18 months and had only been with the childminder for a couple of weeks when he got the worse bruise he has ever had, a definite egg. Our poor childminder was mortified that he fell over in her care, he seemed neither up nor down!
    Bruises always seem to look worse than they actually are! Good Luck with your promise :)

  7. The bumps on the head don't get better as they get older, trust me xx


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