The purity of it.
There is just something so perfect and unspoiled about white.

For the first few weeks of his life
I couldn't bear to see my beautiful boy in anything other than white.
There is nothing more perfect to me that a baby in a pure white onesie.

And now that he's getting bigger
and seeming less like a baby with each passing day.
I look forward to bedtimes
when I can wrap him up
fresh from the bath
in a fluffy white towel
and then put him in a white onesie
and have my baby back for a little while.

I came across The Paper Mama's Photo Challenge 
and it's so me that I couldn't not join in.
Even the theme this week couldn't have been more me.
White. I love it.


  1. I love this photo- your right it does look totally pure. There is nothing better than seeing a baby dressed in white, although it doesn't stay that way for long! xx

  2. Very nice pic, I love white too and love the way a lot of your house is like that. (in blog pics). Lovely entry.

  3. I followed you over from the Paper Mama -- I love babies in white too...but my baby was so pukey and drooly that nothing ever stayed fresh and white for long! What a cute little man you have! And I love the shot.

  4. I love this photo so much. Please tell me you have a print or canvas of it in your house. If you don't, you should.

  5. Pure white innocence for a dear beautiful boy!

  6. Oh! LOVE this! I love babes in white too, but as my boy has gotten older, white is one color we don't wear too often! Lol)

  7. I love white for and creams, they're so cool and calming. Like Melanie white is not a colour a wear often (any more) and keeping cream things in my household clean is a challenging, but I still love it! Lovely pic :0)

  8. I totally agree!
    This picture is just lovely. Looks surreal almost.


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