inspired - words

It shouldn't really come as a surprise
that someone who spends a large amount of their free time writing a blog
would quite like words.
When you enjoy writing words are beautiful things.

Words can be powerful.
They can bring you to tears
and make you laugh
or do both at the same time.
And I for one, find words really inspirational.

So this week I'm sharing quotes and phrases
that I like
or love
or live by
or would just like to have in my home.

I thought a lot about words
when I was planning our wedding.
But I think this is gorgeous.
I'd love it in our bedroom somewhere.

So true.
And this must mean that I am on the cusp of great things a lot of the time.

I am working really hard to have this attitude;
to accept my imperfection
and be proud of my strengths.
Not a bad mantra to live by I think.

I think I'd like this one on my wall
to remind myself that my life rocks.

This final one is by far my favourite.
In case you can't read it from the picture it says:
"Welcome to this humble home
full of every days
full of mundane chores
and the buzz of regular life
which is really a secret code
for here lives the most magical of creatures and superheroes
living the greatest love story of all time."

Anyone want to inspire me with anymore lovely quotes.
Just plain beautiful?
I'd love to hear them
so stick them in the comments box.

And I can't wait to see all the inspired things that you link up this week,
I loved seeing them all last week.

(All photos are from Pinterest. Click on individual pictures for their original source)


  1. I have found so many on Pinterest that I want in my house or to give as gifts! will try and link up later today

  2. I have so many quotes as well- I am a real 'quote' person- looking forward to do this one later. I absolutely love the last one, I have lots of post it notes all over my desktop computer, I think that I may have to add that one to it! x

  3. Lovely quotes!!! The most pertinent for me is this:-

    "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise that they were the big things."

    Helen, Founder of - family stories on a chronological timeline

  4. Favourite quotes?
    I've got three kids and no money. Why can't I have no kids and three money?" ―Homer Simpson

  5. "Go not where the path may lead, go instead where this no path and leave a trail" My favourite quote of all time :)


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