him and her {week eight}

he absolutely adored taking part in a Tangled holiday workshop,
was such a sensitive soul looking after a poorly mummy,
and seems to have a total gannet's appetite at the moment.

she has been a really cute and cuddly little thing this week,
thinks that all meals should end with chocolate,
and has finally, finally learned to jump.


  1. Ahh bless them they are so adorable in the bath. Their smiles are infectious and you can see their personality written on their beautiful faces. Lovely photos. Buba is the same at the moment I literally can't feed him enough food. I am going broke just trying to feed him. And MM usually is the big eater too. hahaha No food left for mommy.

  2. Aw I love BG's little face in this pic- so cute! And they look so alike in these photos. x


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