signs of spring {52 adventures}

I am so proud of the fact that this little weekly adventures project has made "adventures" such a big part of our family vocabulary. And this week's adventure was at the children's prompt, their design, their adventure... and I went along for the ride. I could easily have called this post 'park spam' because that is exactly what it is. 

One afternoon last week, with the sun in the sky, my children demanded an adventure, and my goodness did they have one. What you can't tell in these photos is all the imaginative adventuring that was going on... because we didn't actually go to the park. No we actually went flying into space and spun around on planets, and we rode on stars and we were astronauts. And if that isn't an amazing adventure for a weekday afternoon, then I really don't know what is.

It feels like we have been hibernating for the longest time. By the time afternoon naps are over, it has been to dark to venture to the park, and we have really missed that chance to blow off steam and breathe in some fresh air before bedtime. But there is a definite hint of spring in the air lately... I know I'm not just imagining it, and it makes me so excited. I'm ready for the thaw now, for the sunshine to appear and for summer to be around the corner. We have such amazing adventures planned for the coming weeks and months, and we can't wait.

 ^ the earlier golden hour light is about the only thing I really love about this time of year
 ^ this kid is all about the slide... she could climb and slide and climb and slide for hours

This year we are embarking on a challenge to have an adventure every single week... 52 adventures!!! They may be big excited adventures or simple ones close to home, but we want to have a 2015 full of adventures and full of amazing memories.


  1. Oh I really do love sunny park days and spring is well on its way. Love the sun rays on the kids. Such beautiful captures. I love this adventure Lucy. Simple but beautiful. And ones to remember forever. Those are the best kind.

  2. I know what you mean about being ready to stop the hibernation. I need the warmth and sunshine now. And I am being nagged to get the paddling pool out by my sun-starved three year old! X

  3. Oh we love going to the park and I also can't wait for it to get that little bit warmer! I have lots of adventures planned before my girl is at school full time. Sob x

  4. Love all these images captured here Lucy, golden hour is such beauty, I love all four season in their own right, but I think the little ones will have ore and more fun once it's a little warmer, brighter! does wonders for the soul too a bit of warm hazy sunshine in spring! xx

  5. What lovely photos, such a nice sunny day to get some fresh air


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