windy walk {52 adventures}

We aren't a family to be kept indoors by the winter months. During the summer months it feels like we live outdoors, but in colder times of year we still try to get outside whenever we can... even if those moments tend to be a little more brief.

This past weekend, for our adventure we fancied a nice walk, and a certain little man was asking to take his bike out for a spin. Knowing that Brightlingsea has a lovely flat prom for bike riding, and that there are pretty beach huts to please Mummy, a sea wall to walk on to please our little lady, and plenty of that sea air that we are all so addicted to; it seemed like the perfect spot for a Sunday stroll. 

What we hadn't counted on was the fact that what was a slight breeze at home, would be a full on gale at the coast. Not that that stopped us... we bundled up warm, we faced the winds head on and we enjoyed our seaside walk. Even if we did decide to cut our walk a bit shorter than normal before anybody got blown away.

This year we are embarking on a challenge to have an adventure every single week. They may be big excited adventures or simple ones close to home, but we want to have a 2015 full of adventures and full of amazing memories.


  1. That looks like a beautiful place to go for a walk. We also went to the coast at the weekend, although I failed at wrapping up as warm as all of you and we ended up heading to the woodland which was much less breezy!
    I love the 52 adventures idea x

  2. Oh you are such a cute family! Beautiful photos and I love the beach huts. BB's balance bike looks like so much fun x

  3. I love the idea of blogging an adventure each week, i am struggling to blog what i do at the minute! we like to do little adventures most weekends too, Sundays is our family day where we dedicate quality time together.

    Love the look of this place, looks very nice. you can't beat a walk by the seaside whatever the weather :)

  4. Oh your windy walks still look like amazing beach adventures. Love the smiley happy faces of your beautiful family. BB is great at the balance bike. :) Lovely post hunny. I wish we lived closer to seaside and down south where its warmer and more pretty. haha Packing suitcase now to come join you!

  5. These are gorgeous photos. You all look so cosy! x

  6. Oh that looks absolutely gorgeous - cold but gorgeous! Growing up on the coast we always used to have it the other way round - we'd dress for the gale out the window, go inland to the shops and be absolutely boiling!!


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