him and her {week five}

he loves playing hide-and-seek but always giggles when he's hiding, 
is obsessed with playing i-spy on car journeys,
and is super proud of himself that he has a big boy reading book from preschool now.

she has had her first ever haircut,
has a hilarious habit of running into a room and loudly announcing "ta-daaaa",
and loves spotting and naming numbers wherever she goes.


  1. Such beautiful photos. I love BB's 'boo' pose and BG's hair bow is so lovely! x

  2. What absolutely gorgeous pictures! The one of your little girl is especially beautiful. I love that she announces herself with a big taa-daa! Think she'd get on very well with my two drama queens xxx

  3. That's so cute that she announces herself with a taa-daa! x

  4. Aww - BG's looking so grown up - did you keep a bit of her hair for her baby book? I did with Kitty but Elma's first cut was just to tidy it up and there was barely anything to save but whisps!


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