him and her {week two}

he is utterly thrilled to be back at preschool with his friends,
seems to be eating enough to feed an army at the moment,
and likes excitedly telling us that it will be his birthday soon.

she keeps singing rousing renditions of 'Jingle Bells' and 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas',
absolutely loves saying "I no like it",
and was over the moon to be back at her baby ballet class after the holidays.


  1. Oh look at their happy faces even in the bath tub! Beautiful as always their personalities shining bright in your photos. I doubt they ever frown. :) Just means you are providing an amazing life for them at home to be so happy and bright. Lucky babas.

  2. Archie is saying like it whilst shaking his head at everything at the moment! Lovely photos

  3. They are so gorgeous, and growing up so fast! BG was a baby just moments ago! Love bath time pics, always some of the happiest! x


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