him and her {week four}

he loves pretending to be a baby when he's wrapped in a towel after bath time,
keeps offering to hold his little sister's hand so they can dance together,
and seems to be permanently hungry at the moment for the first time in his life.

she sings an amazing mash-up of 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow' and 'Miss Polly Had A Dolly',
thinks that every meal should finish with a mini Cadbury's Creme Egg,
and has just about the cheekiest face I think I've ever seen.


  1. I love the idea of having a mini creme egg after every meal. Well done that girl! ;)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. That photo of BB may be one of my favourites, love the colours and his face is adorable! x

  3. I said it when she had her bounty bar and it's still true now, the Beautiful Girl has excellent taste, a mini crime egg would be the perfect way to end every meal!

  4. WOW BG looks WAY too grown up here Lucy. I can't believe it. She was only a little baby when I first started reading your blog and it's been such an honor to watch her grow in pictures. She is becoming such a big little girl! SO beautiful too! :) I think I see a lot of Rich in her and a lot of you in BB. Both so cute. Loving the pirate theme I really need to get Buba's big boy room finished. I just haven't found the right theme or style I want yet! lol Decisions decisions. They sound like they are at a very fun age. Won't be long before our boys start school can you believe it? ahhhhh *tears and cheers


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