him and her {week three}

he is absolutely blowing us away with his reading, 
would have purple beans (chilli) for dinner every night if he could, 
and asks to go to "Disneyland Palace" every time he sees the advert... little does he know!

she seems so tall and grown up lately,
has a wild spirit and strong sense of herself which I absolutely love, 
and she sings... oh my gosh does she sing... all. the. time.


  1. Those photos are fantastic, love those chilly days where the sun is shining. They both look so grown up. Where have our babies gone?! x

  2. That balance bike rocks!!!! and I absolutely love that BG sings all the time. missy moo just started and it's the cutest thing ever. They really do seem so grown up all the sudden don't they? What a beautiful stage in their lives to watch though.

  3. Aw my girls shout out to the adverts for Disney too! 'I want to go there when its my 5th birthday Mummy, the Paris one', bless. lovely images, your youngest sounds a lot like my middle little ones (second girl) a loving, feisty and strong willed soul x

  4. They look so small bundled up in their big woolly hats and winter coats. I love the winter sunshine! x


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