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Last year, seeing all the beautiful sibling moments linked up with Siblings each month was a real highlight of mine. A warm and fuzzy kind of highlight, full of the love and the friendship of siblings, but also the push and pull that relationship so often entails. It didn't seem to matter what the gender or age gap or age of the children, whether they were snaps taken on a phone camera, or beautiful portraits taken with a fancy DSLR; all the photos seem to show the same thing... what a beautiful and precious relationship it is to have.

I, for one, can't wait to get stuck into another year of monthly photos of my two together. Throughout 2014 their relationship really blossomed and grew into something that at times manages to take my breath away, and documenting that is so close to my heart... I want them to have these memories to look back at and laugh over together as they grow older.

This year to make it easier to remember to take your photos and to also help bring a real sense of community, we are launching a Siblings community page on Facebook. We'll be sharing photos and inspiration, reminding you when the 15th is fast approaching (oh yes and we're moving to the 15th of each month this year by the way), and we'd love you to be a part of it. So like the page and be sure to share your photos and your links each month. And if you aren't a blogger then you can join in at the Facebook page too, by sharing your favourite sibling photos on the page's wall and taking part each month without the need for a blog.

And if you're taking part on twitter or instagram then be sure to use #thesiblingsproject so that we can see all your photos there too.

Yet again Siblings is being cohosted by a talented and beautiful bunch of snap happy mamas. And here they are...

Amber is a brand new Siblings cohost for this year. But with two new twin boys to photograph, she already seems like a perfect fit. It's amazing to think how her boys Balthazar and Lysander are going to grow and change over the coming year, and she'll be taking you along for the ride over on Goblin Child.

"I learned about the Siblings project fairly late on in my pregnancy with the twins, and decided immediately to participate as soon as the boys were born.  It's easy to snap individual photographs of each twin but more of a challenge to take flattering, in-focus images of two babies together.  The Siblings project holds me accountable for documenting the story of Balthazar and Lysander as brothers, and the growth and change in that relationship across the year."  ~ Amber

Annie needs little introduction as the (in)famous Mammasaurus. She's one of last year's cohosts back for another year. I love seeing her photos every month and feeling like her photos of Kitty and Ozzy give me a little glimpse into the future as my two grow older. 

"It wasn't until this Siblings project began that I realised how few photos I have of my children together. Taking these photos is not only lovely for me as a mother but in time, when they are older and grown up themselves, these photos will be special to them too." ~ Annie 

Carie's sibling story changed quite a bit in 2014 as they went from a family of four to a family of five, and watching her chronicle that changing dynamic through her photos was just lovely. It's going to be great to watch her threesome continue to change and bond together this year on Space For The Butterflies.

"It’s the start of a story that is wholly independent of me. When we started last year I had a baby and a little girl, fond of each other but still learning what it means to be sisters. Then as the year went on I can see the baby becoming a toddler and the start of a close friendship. And then of course my family grew with the arrival of one tiny little boy in August and in an instant it became much more of a challenge to capture all three at once, when only one of them will stay where I put him, and at the same time just as important that I do. I take pictures to watch and remember the beginnings of this little trio of siblings and I can’t wait to see how this year unfolds." ~ Carie

There was so much variety in Kelle's photos for Siblings last year over on her blog Dinky and Dandy, and I just know this year will be no different. Hattie and Fraser's personalities and the relationship between them just shines through in every photo.

"Siblings encourages me to capture their wonderful bond. Their relationship is so sweet (most of the time) and the project really shows them growing up together not only as a brother and sister but as the best of friends." ~ Kelle

Keri-Anne shared some beautiful Siblings images during 2014 on Gingerlillytea, which really showed the friendship Elle and Mia have. Her photos always feel like the stuff dreams are made of; peaceful, beautiful and idyllic.

"Siblings is so important to me because it allows me to capture moments that I normally wouldn't capture or see. Seeing the girls grow over the year and seeing their bond grow deeper and deeper with each month has been so amazing. In nearly every picture from last month, they were holding hands or cuddling and that wasn't prompted. It is how they are and I have these memories to look back on and they have these memories to cherish forever." ~ Keri-Anne

Katie from Mummy Daddy Me is back joining Siblings for another year, with her gorgeous little twosome. She somehow manages to always catch the cheeky twinkle and the shared smiles which are so much a part of growing up with a sibling.

"I am excited to join in with Siblings because I love to capture how my girls change from month to month and how their relationship with each other changes and develops.  They are at such a funny age where their interaction is at an all time high and I love to document it all - both the happy, close sisterly bond they share and the not so close times where they bicker over the silliest of things." ~ Katie

So that's us... all excitedly looking forward to a year of capturing our children together. We can't wait to share our sibling moments with you, and see yours too. See you on Thursday for the first one of the year...!

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  1. Yay! I am so happy to be part of Siblings this year again - and I'm over the moon to have found Goblin child's blog - gorgeousness that it is.
    Thanks for organizing it all Lucy - roll on the 15th!

  2. Oh isn't it lovely to see us all together! It's amazing how much all the little ones changed last year - your two have grown so much since the summer and even mine have grown since the autumn. I'm really looking forward to this year, thought I'm not planning quite as big a change to the line up!

  3. Great! Would love to join this project this year and watch my two munchkins growing together over the year :)

  4. Can't wait to join is for another (full) year! I only came across Siblings last May, so really excited about a fresh new year! x

  5. Ooooo I'm excited to see Goblin Child as one of the blogs now involved. I have fallen in love with their blog x

  6. Thank you so much for inviting me to be part of this project, Lucy! I'm super excited to participate and terribly flattered to have been asked to be a cohost this year, particularly amongst such a talented group of ladies. And thank you, Annie and Lauren, for such kind comments about my blog.

    Roll on the 15th! Can hardly wait. x

  7. I'm going to be joining in for the first time, fingers crossed I can manage to do it every month

  8. What a fab team you have in place for this year. I can't wait. So much fun and so many beautiful children to capture. Is it now on the 15th every month just so I don't miss out hahaha or has it always been and I just thought the 10th in my head sounded good. I am good at that. hahahaa

  9. I am glad its the 15th I always missed the 10th, will change my post I posted yest and join in later on :) although my kids hate siblings I am trying to be more creative this yeat!

  10. So excited to be joining in again xxx

  11. Super excited to be joining in this year! I'm already to link up tomorrow :)

  12. Looking forward to linking up! I already have my Jan post ready to go ; ) xxx


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