happy third birthday beautiful boy

Your last two birthday flew round at a heck of a rate,
but my goodness this one seems to have crept up on me
even faster still.

You're three!

That little tiny baby boy,
who I was terrified and elated to bring home from the hospital,
who taught me how to be a Mummy,
and showed me about a love I never could have imagined,
that tiny baby boy is three.
That tiny baby boy is certainly not tiny anymore,
although he does still like to be my baby occasionally
when he's wrapped up in a towel fresh from the bath
and he insists on being rocked and cuddled like he was all the time ago.
For a split second, it's almost like I'm right back there.

But I wouldn't trade that baby for the amazing little boy you have become
and are becoming more and more with every day.
You blow me away daily
with the things that you've learnt,
with the details you notice,
with your incredible memory,
with your understanding and kindness and sensitivity,
with your big chocolate eyes,
with your gorgeous cheeky smile,
and with the fact I get to raise you and love you and call you mine.
You make me prouder than I could ever have thought possible.

I said it on your first and second birthdays,
but it's still one hundred percent true;
you rock my world.

So happy birthday my super cool, super amazing little man.
I love you with all my heart.
x x x


  1. Happy birthday BB! I've enjoyed reading his last three years. Can't wait to read what else he gets up to this year! x

  2. Happy Birthday sweet boy! Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating xx

  3. Awww happy birthday to the Beautiful Boy. I hope he's had a wonderful day xx

  4. Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy!!
    He really is growing up isn't he - lost that toddler look and just like a gorgeous happy little boy.
    Scary how fast these birthday's fly round
    Hope he had an amazing day xxx

  5. Gorgeous! Happy Three little man.

  6. Happy Birthday gorgeous little man :) x


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