me and you {february}

When a relationship is new
its all about romance and butterflies,
about that passionate love
and wanting to be together all the time.
You are confidants, you are lovers,
you are constantly holding hands, constantly in contact with the other.
It's like the world revolves around the two of you,
and it's amazing,
and it's a bit like living in a real life fairy tale.

But as you grow together,
and you add to your unit of two and become a family,
the roles change.
And just the other day we were talking about the fact
that a lot of the time we are house mates,
the majority of the time we're team mates,
most of the time we're best friends,
and very occasionally, we're still the lovers we've always been.

And while the roles may be different,
and our world may turn with a different twosome at it's centre these days,
we still know that together we're better at all those roles.
Together we can do more, be more, love more, be happier.

And even with our grown up lives,
and our grown up responsibilities,
when we are together we still feel like those young students
having a whirlwind romance,
that we never planned would last the year,
but that's somehow still standing after all this time.

This month's words come from Invincible by Muse.
The song played during our wedding ceremony
and is one of favourites songs from one of our favourite bands.
Together we truly are invincible,
and sometimes we need to remember that more.

Please check out the Me and You co-hosts
for more lovely couples photos.
And why not link up yours too,
February is the month of love after all.

dear beautiful


  1. I so agree! I actually prefer our relationship now when it is not butterflies and giddiness, I just feel like we are a team and it's a wonderful feeling xx

    1. It's funny isn't? There are odd times when I feel like I miss the butterflies a bit, but actually the calm, sturdy feeling of just knowing you're a unit is amazing. x

  2. We've often had a similar conversation about being housemates and team mates... isn't it good to be able to do it all and enjoy our changing roles with our best friend! Lovely pic this month! You too are mega cute!

    1. Thank-you. It is like you get new roles the longer you are together. Team Roberts is my favourite though! x

  3. Love the photo. It's like you aren't even aware the photo is being taken, you're just caught up in your moment. I do miss the exciting times at the beginning where it was all new and all the butterflies but what we have now doesn't even compare to those times. It's love like nothing else, it's complete and utter trust in one person and it's the feeling of being whole. It's fab! x

    1. I agree completely. I wouldn't change the butterflies for the reliable trust of the marriage we have now. x

  4. Love living each day with my team mate :)
    Beautiful photo as always!

  5. Such a sweet picture darling, you can feel the love xxxx

  6. That's a gorgeous photo, and beautiful words too xx

  7. I love this photo. You look happy and natural. X

  8. Gorgeous photo. So true too, it's amazing to know you've got someone on your team, to share life with :)

  9. Lovely Photo, I love these photos its hard to remember the couple before children sometimes. :)

  10. Lovely photo - Great to have a different view. I love your words to and agree completely. Hubby and I have been together nearly 10 years and life has changed so much, occasionally we revert back to the people we were at the start :)

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