him and her {week eight}

he is still trying to chance his luck a lot of the time
but is (dare I say it) pushing our buttons a little less,
and he's saying "I always love you" all the time, which makes us melt.

she is saying "mummy" a lot,
is giggling constantly and at the craziest things,
and is absolutely loving trips to the park to go on the swings.


  1. I love that he is such a dare devil he has a safety helmet on the swings! Extreme sports playground!

  2. I love a good swing picture, we only just had Missy Moo's first swing experience ever the other week and I was blogging about it. Your two look like they are both one with the swings, very comfortable and happy in them. My son is still petrified of the swings and everything else. What great memories to capture at the play ground. I love love your daughter's headband where did you get it. I am always getting made fun of because MM always has big huge flowers on top of her head. I love headbands. Sick of people asking me if she is a boy all the time. :) Thanks for sharing I love your him and her weekly post. So precious!

  3. Aww they both look full to bursting with happiness!

  4. Glad BB is pushing less. Think Addison has taken his place. These pictures are gorgeous. Look at smiley BG

  5. We love swings too, look at their smiles :)

  6. Oh the headband!!!! I can't wait until Yazzy has enough hair so I can buy some! xx

  7. I think some of my photos of my girls with the widest smiles are on the swings- there's something so wonderful about them- they are a proper photo of childhood in my opinion. I love BG's hairband, haven't seen her in one for a while. xx

  8. Oh such cuteness! Love these photos of yours. Swings are the best invention ever aren't they. So much happiness from such a simple motion.

  9. They are such cuties Lucy! xx

  10. Love the swing pictures. One of my all time favourite pictures of Paige is on a swing! X

  11. I never get tired of hearing "mummy" or "I Love You" x

  12. These are lovely pics of your little ones. They look the picture of good health and that they are having a ball on the swings. Swings really are amazing! x

  13. I love the look of pure joy on both of their faces. Such happy children x

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