out of the mouths of babes {february}

beautiful boy: "Are you going swimming Mummy?"
Mummy: "Yes I am."
beautiful boy: "Right then, I need a cuddle and kiss, right now."

Nanny: "Do you need the toilet?"
beautiful boy: "I'm sorry Nanny. I'm just too busy."

Mummy: "Come and get your dinner."
beautiful boy: "This isn't dinner, this is lunch."
Mummy: "No it's dinner time. You're having food that you normally have at lunch time. But it's still dinner."
beautiful boy: "No it is lunch. This is my lunch plate."

Mummy: "Did you have a good nap?"
beautiful boy: "Not yet."
Mummy: "Not yet?"
beautiful boy: "No. I'm still sleepy."

"Mummy is going to go out on her broomstick."

"I love my cowboy bed, Cowboy Mummy."

While we were all sat in the car:
beautiful boy: "Daddy, what is that?"
Daddy: "That's Tesco."
beautiful boy: "Yes, it is."
beautiful boy: "Mummy?"
Mummy: "Yes?"
beautiful boy: "That is Tesco over there."

"I don't like risotto. I just want rice for dinner."

"Mmmm, pink juice tastes delicious in a grown up glass."

Mummy: "Please do not push your sister. It's not very kind and it could hurt her."
beautiful boy: "But Mummy, she really hurt my sock."

"I feel poorly Mummy. I need some medicine. (Brief pause while I administer said medicine.) No, I need more Mummy. I don't feel any better."


  1. Kids are SO cute! Your beautiful boy comes out with the loveliest, funniest things x

    1. He certainly says some funny little things at times. It's funny how he sees things. x

  2. Oh he just gets funnier and funnier! I love the "she just really hurt my sock" - priceless!

    1. I laughed out loud when he said that, which he was NOT very amused about. x

  3. Ahh your little Boy is so adorable, he says the funniest things. I always love reading these


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