the best of friends

Friends are precious things.
Something to appreciate and be thankful for.
The best ones make your life happier
just by being in it.

And when you are a child,
friendship is all about sharing fun.
About being side by side
and facing the big wide world together.

Children don't have to be anything other than exactly who they are.
They don't have inhibitions, or worries.
Life is all about what they make of it.

So childhood friendships are genuine and wholehearted.
Completely pure
and a complete delight to watch.

Having friends is all about the sharing of experiences
and being completely happy in one another's company.
Smiling until your face hurts
and laughing with wild abandon.

And best friends are extra special.
Someone who will link arms with you on a big swing
as you bravely scream to swing higher and faster.

Someone you want to do everything and go everywhere with.
Someone you can walk around hand in hand with.
And someone you can share an unembarrassed kiss with.

We have found such lovely friends;
...all of us.
I found an amazing friend in Katie, yes.
But my husband found Mr E too,
my dear beautiful boy found his best friend Mads,
and… well its a little too soon to tell with the littlest girls, 
but if their shared love of all things edible is anything to by,
they'll get along just fine.

We complain about living so far apart,
but in reality we see each other quite frequently considering.
It's less than an hour door to door
and we normally see each other a couple of times a month.

And we always fall into such happy, easy ways when we're together.
It's always a pleasure to share a day with our besties,
we're always sad when it's over,
and ready to start counting down to the next one…!


  1. Oh your children are so lucky to have each other - it's lovely that the two pairs of siblings are already starting a firm friendship with each other and can grow up together x

  2. Gorgeous, there is so much fun in the babies faces, love love love

  3. This is so touching. I just read Katie's post about your family as well. You both are lucky to have each other and for your families to all have their person too within both families. Its hard to find people with the same passions and same stages in life with kids as me. I was ever so lucky to become best friends with my neighbor who has a boy the same age as Buba. Its a great bond. A natural bond that is easy to settle into like you said is a rare one so hold on to each other tight. I love that you are both such amazing bloggers and met through blogging events. ;) What a sweet post and a very lucky friend in each other!

  4. These are the friendships that get us through life, the best ones to share our journey and make special memories with. Just beautiful.

  5. Oh such lovely pictures - they all look so very very happy to be together, what a wonderfully special friendship for you all

  6. Booo I commented on this post this morning but I don't think it worked on 3G! It made me a little teary seeing these beautiful photos because they totally sum up childhood to me- full of innocence and happiness. So lucky that our little people have found each other. When I showed Mads the photo this morning I said 'Look whose that?' and she said 'All of us.' I thought that was so sweet- she didn't say 'Me and LL and BB and BG' she said 'All of us'- so cute! x

  7. Awww they are sweet together. It's so lovely that you have found friends in each other and I bet it's even more special because you found it through something you both enjoy doing; blogging. x


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