choo choo

I've confessed our love for wooden toys before now,
we have a house full of them.
All the lovely classic wooden toys you can think of,
we probably have them,
and then some besides.
I can't seem to resist them.
But one thing which had eluded our collection
was a proper wooden train set.

So when in our role at toy testers for The Toadstool
we were offered a train set to review
I was so excited.
It arrived a couple of weeks before the beautiful boys birthday
so we held onto it so that he could have it along with some of the presents we bought him.
But it took all my willpower not to give it to him sooner
because as soon as I saw the box,
I just knew he'd love it.

which is so much more than a normal wooden train set.
As well as the usual track and train with carriages
it also has tractors, people, animals, trees and fencing,
so that you can turn the area surrounding the train track
into a working farm.
I think it's really lovely for the train to have a context like this
and as we have farmers in our family
it was really lovely for the little man to play farms
along side playing trains.

I was so impressed with everything that came in the box;
enough track to make a good sized route 
(including a bridge which is the little guy's favourite part),
a farm house
(which doubles up as storage for all the smaller pieces),
lots of animals, a farmer, his wife and a farm hand,
a train and a tractor, and plenty of trailers which are interchangeable between the two.
When it's all set up it certainly makes an impressive toy.

We were also very kindly sent the Janod Barnyard Baby Toy Train
which coordinates beautifully with the full train set,
with it's own animals riding in three carriages,
but is in a larger, more baby friendly size
and comes with a string so it can be pulled around the room.
The beautiful girl loves it,
and likes taking the animals in and out of the carriages.
It also kept her entertained while her brother played with his train set
which I really appreciated as I suspect doing a Godzilla impression 
and destroying the train set may become a party piece of hers.

I literally do not have a bad word to say about these toys,
their design and build quality is fantastic
and I know they will last us for years of happy playing.
And we have played with them every single day since we opened the box
and if that isn't a loud endorsement, then I don't know what is.

We were sent these toys for the purpose of this review
as part of our role as ToadTesters for The Toadstool,
but all words, photos and opinions are my own.


  1. Love love love. This would be perfect for Addison. She loves hsr wooden train set. I am so glad we got for Xmas but if It had a farm with it she would never put it down. The bridge is always her favourite bit too.
    Lovely set x

    1. It really is a fun toy, the farm definitely adds a lot of fun to it. x

  2. My son would love these, and so would MM I think too. We got a mini set from Ikea a little while ago but all these fun extra pieces would be a great addition. Love the pics too. your son is adorable! thanks for sharing.

    1. It's such a fun set, I know that the kids will get so much play time out of it. x

  3. that is a really cute train set. my son would love it

  4. I've been searching my brain for a reason as to why we've not invested in a train set for John & I'm coming up with a blank. He absolutely loves the one at nursery & this one seems perfect. I grew up in a house of girls & it was the one toy we never had but that I always wanted. I think I'd play with one as much as John would!

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