seventeen months new

You were our absolute ray of sunshine.

You were just always so happy and smiley,
so content to please yourself;
finding things to entertain you,
playing with your toys,
checking back in for cuddles when you needed them.
You were simply an absolute pleasure to have around.

You were chattering away constantly
and starting to say some properly recognisable words.
"Mumma" and "mummy" were clear as day
and always in response to wanting Mummy for something.
You would say "rainbow fish" whenever you saw the book of the same
which seemed a very random and pretty useless thing for you to be saying,
but it was hilarious nonetheless.

You were a complete and utter chocoholic
and would throw little screaming tantrums
if other people had chocolate which you felt they should share.
You were similarly obsessed with biscuits and with cheese,
in fact there weren't many foods you didn't love.

You went out on your first ever welly walk,
wearing Mummy's childhood wellies no less.
Since learning to walk,
the winter weather meant you hadn't had much chance 
to actually walk outside.
It was so funny watching you explore the different surfaces,
and keep sticking your hands out to balance 
as hard concrete became soft grass, and then squelchy mud.
You definitely enjoyed the freedom to explore.

You can read our beautiful girl's previous letters on her page.


  1. Her hair is getting so long. What a little beauty! xx

  2. Oh she's such a sweetie, and I love that she wore your old wellies, that's a pretty good hand me down!


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