Life throws things at you sometimes
and you have to decide whether to catch them
or let them pass you buy.
Blogging has opened up opportunites to me
that I could never have imagined.
I've been to places I wouldn't have thought I'd go to,
reviewed items we have loved,
been in a glossy magazine,
made real life friends,
attended brilliant events,
been nominated for awards
and been in the local newspaper.
And the latest exciting opportunity to come my way
was an interview on BBC Essex radio.

To say I was nervous was an understatement,
I had no idea what I was letting myself in for.
But the nosey bit of me couldn't resist an opportunity to go in a real live radio studio
and you have to grab these opportunities, don't you?
However anxious you might be about looking an idiot?
Because if you don't take a risk how will you ever know?
So yesterday I trotted off to the studio
and with absolutely zero preparation time
I was on air being interviewed about all things blogging.

And while I try to find some way to record it
so that my children can hear it and laugh at me in years to come,
here it is in all it's glory.
(I come on just after 13 minutes and I'm all done by about 26 minutes)

It's quite cringe-inducing listening to myself back.
But my mum was very proud,
so I guess I am too.


  1. I am very proud of you too! Considering mine is a secret to all except my family and closest friends. I shall have to ask for your autograph on Sunday. x

  2. You sound so natural and not at all nervous. I think you did such a good job.
    I'm not surprised that your mum is proud of you. Well done xx

  3. Lovely! You sounded so natural and not nervous what-so-ever! Its nice to put a voice to face to! ;) Well done xx

  4. Eeek! We're listening to it now! you sound jus fine - don't put yourself down!1

  5. ohh how excititng Well done :) x

  6. Oh how wonderful. Well done x

  7. Great interview! You don't sound nervous at all.


  8. wow congratulations, what a great opportunity. I agree, blogging has opened up so many opportunities that wouldn't have otherwise been possible.
    That's a gorgeous photo of you & your little people by the way! x

  9. You must be so proud! You did so so well!

    Congrats lovely xx

  10. ooohh fantastic news, what a great opportunity! You must be so proud lovely :) Congratulations xxx

  11. That's so exciting! I couldn't listen as it's not on iplayer anymore but I'm sure you sounded fab! x

  12. this is so neat! you are awesome:)


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