sleepy time

There is nothing quite like the image of a sleepy or sleeping baby
all snuggled up in a babygrow
ready to go to bed.
The bedtime routine is my favourite time of day,
and not because the crazy is nearly over,
but because it's capped off by seeing my beautiful sleepy bubbas
ready to drift off to dreamland.

We've used sleeping bags with both our babies,
not in the earliest weeks when they are teeny
but from a few months old onwards they have been a part of that bedtime routine.
Bath, massage, PJs on, sleeping bag on, milk, story, bed.

So when Bubbaroo sent us a sleeping bag to try out
we were keen to give it a go.
Bubbaroo is an Australian brand 
who specialise in making sleeping bags and swaddling bags for smaller babies.
The Joey Swag is their sleeping bag
and it comes in a variety of sizes, tog weights and colours.

We were sent a pale pink sleeping bag in the heaviest 3.5tog weight
and I was impressed straight away with the fabric and finish of it.
The design has been thought about carefully
and the zip can be done up from either end,
which means that there isn't a chunky lump of zip near your baby's face,
It also has a zelcro opening in the back
which allows you to still put baby in a car seat or buggy while in the sleeping bag.
We have used this feature a couple of times when coming home late from my parents
and it's really useful.

The outside is a cool-to-the-touch cotton, 
and the inside is soft and snugly.
And most importantly of all,
as any parent of a baby will know,
the beautiful girl likes it.
And I know this because she sleeps brilliantly in it,
which is clearly her seal of approval.

We were sent this item free of charge for the purpose of this review
but all words, opinions and photos are my own.


  1. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous lady. x

  2. Sleeping bags are such an amazing invention, I don't know how people managed without them! X

  3. So sweet - now what I need is one of those in a giant mummy size! x

  4. Gorgeous photos! I always loved the idea of sleeping bags but my son never really took them - a nightmare at 2am when he's crying because he's cold due to kicking his blankets off.

  5. That looks so comfy and cosy. My boys have never liked them and hate having covers on at night.
    The photos are beautiful x

  6. That looks like a very soft bag indeed, I had never been interested in using them before and with Grayson I didn't, when Addy wouldn't calm from birth and then kicked everything off from a month old we tried them, she came out of them quite early purely because she got herself out (crazy girl) and I do have one straight away for sweetpea, I can't wait to see him in his, I see the benefits now especially with safety x


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