the world's most beautiful sound

Today we got to hear a special sound.
One we've been waiting to hear for weeks,
since back in January we discovered we would be becoming a family of four.
One that is simultaneously comforting and exciting.

That's right,
today we went to the maternity unit for my sixteen week antenatal appointment.
I was given the general all clear by the midwife;
blood pressure is fine,
blood results are fine,
urine sample was fine.
And after a general matter about how I'm getting on
and a quick chat about some questions I has following the scan,
I hoped up on the bed for the midwife to find and listen to the heartbeat.

It seemed to take her an age to find it.
I was holding my breath waiting
and just as I was starting to worry
a loud thump came out of the Doppler
as she laughed and said
"Well it's certainly moving about."
She found the heartbeat seconds later;
Loud, clear and strong.

And we all silently listened for a bit;
me, the hubby and the beautiful boy
and the midwife of course.
I'm so glad that we all went.
It didn't mean anything to him
but it's nice to think that the little man heard his little brother or sister for the first time
at the same time as we did.

Hubby thought it sounded just like the little guy's heart beat,
slow and steady.
I actually thought it sounded even slower and steadier than the little man's,
but I think it sounded louder and clearer too
which may well have just been the machine.
The midwife was happy with it
so we were sent on our way.

It's hard to think I won't see her again until 28 weeks
which seems like an absolute age away.
But I guess once you've done this pregnancy thing once
then you're a bit of a pro and they just let you get on with it.

The next big milestone is in four weeks time
when we have the second and last scan.
And we'll be half way cooked by then.
Scary how fast it's going this time.


  1. That made me cry. When you mentioned about the little boy hearing his brother or sister for the first time.
    I just seem to be an emotional mess with everyone pregnant around me. Ha-ha. Glad everything went well for you hun :) My 16 weeks was very different. Can't wait for more updates xx

    1. It was so lovely. I'm so glad that he got to be involved somehow. Although of course he won't remember it. But we can at least tell him that he was there to hear his baby sibling for the first time. x

  2. How lovely that you all got to share that special moment. It is truly a amazing sound.

    I loved attending all my antenatal appointments, just to hear the swooshing of Leo's little heartbeat xx

    1. The heartbeat was and is still my favourite part of the appointments too. So weird to think I'll have to wait such a long time to hear it again. x

  3. Ahhh so exciting. I am so freaking broody at the moment but Dad2BabyInsomniac is not being persuaded! Grrrr! x

    1. Grrrrrr! It was exciting. Sorry to rub it in about my pregnancy, once I started getting broody I got terribly jealous of anyone who was pregnant. x

  4. There is nothing more magical a sound than hearing the heartbeat for the first time, I cried my eyes out. Lovely that Little Man heard it too. xx

    1. I didn't cry this time, or last. I just grin like a cheshire cat. It's just so lovely and exciting to hear. x

  5. Aww bless, how lovely. I see you refer to the baby as 'she' - do you have a feeling about what sex the baby might be? When I was pregnant first time round, my GP told me that a baby girl's heartbeat sounds like a galloping horse and a baby boy's sounds like a chugging train. I don't know if that's true for everyone but it certainly was the case for us.

    Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy, it's amazing to think how quickly it passes x

    1. Hehehe. The 'she' I was refering to is the midwife, not the baby. I have no idea whatsoever what Splodge is, not even a feeling.
      I've heard it said before that girl's heart rates are faster. The little guy's heart rate was definitely very slow and thumpy when I was pregnant last time. And this baby's does sound similar, but then who really knows. x

    2. Oh dear, I didn't even consider that you might have been referring to the midwife - silly me :-P

  6. so 2 year old LOVED listening to the baby's "heart beep" at my appointments for her new baby sister!! SUCH sweet moments I will always remember!!

    1. Ahhhhh, that's so cute. I think that my beautiful boy is far to little to know what's going on, but I'm still glad that he got to be included. x

  7. Awww so exciting!

    1. Awww, thank-you. We're so excited. Starting to feel really real now. x


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