at peace

I don't think there is anything on earth
as peaceful as watching a baby sleep.
I know that watching my little man
looking all cuddly and sleepy
is one of the best parts of being a mummy.
I make a point of going in to his room to watch him sleep for a little while each night
before I go to bed myself.
And seeing him looking so peaceful has a very peaceful affect on me.
The perfect innocent slumber of a baby really is a beautiful thing.


  1. Very peaceful...makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

  2. Awww such a gorgeous picture - perfect for the theme. x

  3. Bless.... even when they are older, you still get the same rush of love and sense of quiet when you watch your child's face as they sleep. Such a treat to be a mother...

  4. Very true, still today (and my twins will be 4 soon) I love watching them sleep

  5. Omg I sooooo agree with you and had last nights events not happened this was going to be my photo for the gallery , x 2 of course! I love watching my two asleep too xx

  6. Thats soooo true!! I have watched Baby Z just sleeping so many times. Its so perfect and one of the best feelings ever. Lovely pic.

  7. I can hear the gentle snoring from here!

  8. Lovely photo :-)

  9. awww, lovely. I still love watching my 12 year old sleep and it's even better now when she's cuddled up with my 8 month old, treasured moments x


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