see it snap it love it

I love photographs.
I love that they can capture a moment,
or a place,
or an event,
or a person
that would otherwise be lost in time and memory.

I love the art of photography too.
And while I will put my hands in the air and admit to knowing nothing about it
other than being an enthusiastic amateur,
I am learning all the time.
I am keeping my camera close at hand
and I'm looking around me all the time
for the beautiful things in the world
that I want to capture.

So I am setting myself a photography challenge.
(Yes, another one 
because YES, I am already working my way through a year of photo taking 
with my One Beautiful Year project)
My challenge is to look for beautiful things
and maybe learn a little thing or two about photography along the way.

I'm going to set a theme for myself this week 
and I'm going to challenge myself to take a photo 
or maybe even a series of photos for that theme.
And if any of you are up for the challenge too then feel free to join in.
In return for joining in 
I will pick one winning picture and that person will get to pick the next challenge.

So this week I will looking to the heavens
and I am going to take a picture with the theme of 'Sky' as my inspiration.
I've plucked that out of thin air right this second,
and I have no idea what I will end up with.
But at some point I will take a picture 
and next Tuesday I will share the results with you
and also share the next challenge.
Then the following Tuesday I'll announce my winner and their next challenge.

And the only rule is that you must take a new picture for the challenge,
the aim being that we might all learn something new.
And if you're doing the 366 project then it will give you a photo to use for that too.

You can take the theme as you wish it
because if you can be creative with it then it'll be more fun.

I hope some of you will be joining me on my little challenge.
See you back here next week for some lovely 'sky' photos.


  1. Oh what a fab idea, I love weekly theme photo idea's, I shall try and join in when I can. I promise to try and join in this week and not make it an iPhone piccy x

    1. Oooh, goody. And feel free to take an iPhone picture. It's about going and taking a picture of something interesting that matters. x

  2. How exciting! Will try and get it done before I go away but, if I don't get chance, I will definitely take part in future weeks. Fab idea!!! *runs to look at the sky in the hope that it's beautiful today!

    1. I'm going away this weekend too so I've made this a real challenge for myself. Although you don't have to post it on the Tuesday, the linky will be open all week. I'm hoping to get a great sky picture while I'm away. x

  3. exciting! will get my thinking cap on and start snapping!

    1. Oooh, well I'll look forward to seeing your picture. x

  4. This is such a good idea for a linky Lucy and I can't wait to participate with my new bobby dazzler camera! That I haven't had a chance to properly play with yet because I have been so busy! x

  5. Fantastic idea! I love having a theme plonking around the back of my mind when I'm taking photos. Look forward to seeing your sky pic next week.

  6. I'll let Mummy know about this one as it is a fab idea. We will have to join in though on future weeks as I broke Mummy's camera this week and she's having a few issues sorting out the repair!!! :)

  7. Great idea and I will do my best to join in x

  8. Replies
    1. You'll link up here from Tuesday. I'll post my picture and put the linky at the bottom of that post. But you can obviously post your entry whenever, it's just that that is when the linky will open up. Look forward to seeing your entry. X

  9. We had a beautiful sky here today, looking forward to tuesday!


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