the me + mine project (april 2018)

Rich is loving
* having our first barbecue of the year.
* Liverpool in the Champions League.
* Quinn's little shows. 
* power washing the patio. 
* having our new baby. 

Lucy is loving
* seeing our FOUR children together. 
* going for afternoon tea with my mum and nan. 
* a quiet Spring break together at home.
* our newly decorated bedroom. 
* having a newborn to snuggle again. 

Dylan is loving
* his baby brother.
* playing in the garden. 
* reading 'Ratburger'. 
* show rehearsals.
* playing on the Nintendo Switch.

Everly is loving
* getting to wear make up for her dance show rehearsals. 
* watching 'The Greatest Showman'.
* wearing summery clothes. 
* being a mini mummy. 
* reading her school books. 

Quinn is loving
* using the big girl toilet. 
* Lindt chocolate bunnies.
* reading and watching 'Room On The Broom'.
* putting on shows in the fireplace.
* being a big sister.

Wylder is loving
* cuddles.
* milk.
* his family singing him 'A Million Dreams'.
* keeping people on their toes.
* arriving early!

Well this is categorically not the post I thought I'd be writing for The Me + Mine Project this month. I fully anticipated I'd be writing a mushy post about it being the end of an era, how it was a pleasure to be sharing our final family photos as a five, how we were all looking forward to meeting a new member of the gang in the coming weeks. 

But that new member of the gang had other plans, and decided that there was no time like the present. That he would far prefer an April birthday to a May one. And that he'd really like to get in on the 'Me and Mine action' a month early. 

And so here we are, with our new line up, as a SIX!!!

We are still very much "in the newborn bubble" at the moment, and it all still feels very new. But it feels so good. We obviously still have a lot to learn about the new juggles of four children, but its already impossible to imagine life without Wylder in it. He's one lucky kid that's for sure, with three very smitten older siblings, and equally smitten parents of course. 

I can't wait to see your lovely family portraits shared, so please do add your links below. And if you are sharing your photos on Instagram too then, please make sure you're following me and use #meandmineproject as I will be sharing some of my favourites.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Congratulations again Lucy! Beautiful photos of you all, full of love and happiness. Enjoy the newborn bubble, it’s a special time x

  2. Hugest congratulations - so lovely to see you as a family of 6! The way you're all looking at Wylder is just so adorable, what a fantastic end to the month.

  3. So wonderful to hear of the safe arrival of your new little man, congratulations to you all xx

  4. Congratulations to you all, I can't believe he came early and you expected a family of 5 picture! Cheeky boy! He is beautiful and a very very lucky boy. I love that you have 2 girls and 2 boys, just lovely. Stunning pictures as always but that little bit more special

  5. Ah so exciting and welcome little one! Such gorgeous photos of little Wylders first month!!

  6. Huge huge congratulations. These are just precious and beautiful. I am so excited for you all. Wylder is just darling love the name. The kids and everyone in newborn baby bubble look so so happy. Give them all a huge hug from me. Little early bird hopefully he gives his bestie in my belly a little word to come early too. Your very first family Me and Mine as a family of six is one to cherish forever. :)

  7. Congratulations, he’s amazing! 4 children suits you guys. Enjoy that bubble! x

  8. Oh my gosh, the picture of you and Rick both with two kiddos on your knees... i cried!!! So, so sweet. i need a forth!!!!!! Congratulations sweetie xxx

  9. Awww these are such precious pics and its so lovely to see siblings embracing the new addition! What a crazy and funny birth story (though you prob didn't think so at the time!). Huge congrats - what a wonderful month for you all xx

  10. Congratulations! Such beautiful photos so pleased for you all x

  11. My goodness! What a surprise, huge congratulations!

  12. Congratulations; gorgeous photos of your new family of 6. He has a lovely name too. I'm joining in for the first time!

  13. Oh wow what huge congratulations! Wonderful news and you all look so happy. Happy newborn days :) I'll be having my baby soon too, can't wait. Next I'll be joining in with our family portrait with a new family member :D

  14. Congratulations Lucy! You all look so happy, such a wonderful family. Enjoy the newborn days xx

  15. Congratulations! I have just discovered your blog and I love it! Especially this project! I will most certainly be joining in this month! I hope you and your now family of six are all doing well! x

  16. Massive congratulations. Such beautiful pictures. You all look so happy x


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