the me and mine project {november}

Rich is loving
* the barn we stayed in in Norfolk.
* visiting Wells-Next-The-Sea.
* having fun at Weald Country Park.
* watching England v. Scotland at Wembley.
* selling our home in 5 days.

Lucy is loving
* our amazing weekend away in Norfolk.
* matchy jimjams.
* the Gilmore Girls.
* being organised with her Happy Planner.
* seeing friends at Blogfest.

Dylan is loving
* being chosen to be a school councillor.
* taking his first dance exam.
* studying maps, atlases and globes.
* beach hut hunting with Mummy.
* fireworks night at school.

Everly is loving
* visiting the Stick Man Trail.
* eating doughballs.
* staying in our holiday house.
* talking about what she's going to ask Father Christmas for.
* practising her christmas songs.

Ashlyn in loving
* walking everywhere, and attempting to run.
* splashing at bath time.
* cats.
* riding around (and snoozing) in her new Cosatto Wow.
* eating whatever anyone else is eating.

November has been busy on so many levels. It's been busy from a work perspective for both Rich and me. It's been busy from a social perspective; with umpteen kids' birthday parties, and days out both together and apart. And it's just been busy with all the hubbub of life as we build up to the festive season. Plus we put our home on the market, and sold it five days later; so the beginning of the month was a flurry of attempting to keep everything tidy (and I will forever thank my lucky stars that we sold after one viewing - I'm pretty convinced that the only way to keep our tiny house really tidy would be if every one else moved out!)

But in other ways it feels like life has slowed down a bit. I think the pace of life is naturally slower for us in the colder months, as we have to fight the urge to hibernate away from the cold. There have been lazy weekend mornings, and quiet time at home. My heart will always belong to the summer and its sunny days full of adventure, but I will confess that there is something quite nice about the slower, homely pace of autumn days.

So this was me and mine in November, on a lovely lazy sunny day at the seaside.... now bring on the most magical time of the year!

So all that's left for me to do, is remind you to make sure you tag your family photos with #meandmineproject on Instagram, so we can share some of our favourites. And link up your family photos at the bottom too, I can't wait to see them all. Of course, do remember to pop by my cohost's blogs and see what Alex, Fritha, Jenny, Katie and Lucy's families are sharing this month.

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Lovely photos as always, I think the photos you take here are always so lovely with the icecream colours. Life is definitely slower at this time of year although not so much as a mum with everything to get ready for Christmas! x

  2. Aww Wells! We tried to take our photos with these beach huts last month (the kids weren't impressed haha), my siblings project ones were taken there though. I'm so excited for December too :) xx

  3. Gorgeous photos Lucy, congratulations on the house that is so exciting and amazing that it only took one viewing! All this talk of Christmas has me so excited....bring on December. x

  4. These are such lovely photos, those beach huts are amazing, we have nothing like that here in Ireland. Your little ones are so cute with their matching coats and Ashlyn is just adorable!

  5. Gorgeous beach hut photos as always I love this place and that it holds so many memories for you all. What special memories the kids will have from here and all the fun you have together. Priceless. Thanks for hosting babes.

  6. Love the blue tones, a real winter feel. Plus matching coats! Adorable.

  7. Ashlyn is such a little cutie pie. I love seeing photos of her.
    Beach photos are the best.

  8. Gorgeous photos!! Wow that's amazing that you sold the house so quickly and what a relief. Now you just have to find something you like! Good luck xxxx

  9. Gorgeous photos! I love the beach huts - and your children are adorable x

  10. Well done on selling your home so quickly! One viewing is impressive! I love your dedication to the cause, being at the beach in November!

  11. What lovely photographs. I love the beach huts in Norfolk. Have a wonderful December x

  12. Gorgeous photos, I love the beach in the winter, the colours of the beach huts add a lovely bit of a colour to them. Well done on selling your house. I know exactly what you mean about keeping it tidy, we sold our house at the end of October. Thankfully it was after 4 days too, otherwise I'm not sure I would have coped if it had gone on and on. We move this week, eek!! x

  13. What lovely photo's. And what a busy time for you selling your house, have a great December.

  14. Beautiful photos Lucy, I adore the beach huts. Great news about your house sale! Thanks for hosting xx

  15. I am hugely jealous that your house sold in 5 days - we are still trying and spectacularly failing to keep it show home tidy! Gorgeous pictures and a gorgeous spot; you're so lucky to live near the coast (ish!)

  16. Lovely photos Lucy, I love the colours of the beach huts x

  17. Lovely photos of you all at the seaside. Well done on managing to sell your house - hope all goes well when you move and hope Dylan has done well on his dance exam. Love that Ashlyn is enjoying walking everywhere and that Everly is enjoying practising Christmas songs. Thanks for hosting the #meandmineproject :-)

  18. How do you always have such happy smiley family shots? They're always utterly beautiful. And I always love your beach photos! Congrats on selling your house so quickly. xx

  19. Oh well done on the house sale,exciting times ahead xx

  20. Gorgeous photos! How exciting to be moving to a new home x

  21. Sounds like you had a lovely time in Norfolk. Gorgeous family pics x

  22. I love the beach huts! I've never been to the seaside where there has been these huts - beautiful setting for November's photos x

  23. Gorgeous photos, the colours are just wonderful. I wish I could say that life felt slower at the moment, if anything it's been ever busier than usual :) Have a wonderful December and a fabulous Christmas x

  24. Gorgeous smiley photos!! Amazing news about the house. SO pleased for you all. xxx


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