a festive pyjama party

If you've seen my instagram feed lately, then these amazing jimjams won't be new to you. You'll already know that we've been proudly working with Matalan and Alderney Children's Hospital on their festive collaboration, which this year is #GetYourStripes. I think it probably says it all really, that every time I post a snap including these stripey gems, I get several people commenting on the fact that they tried to buy some too but found they'd sold out. These babies have been very popular it would seem. And what's not to love; amazing design, amazing price, to help an amazing cause. 

And matching.... how have I got so far into this post and I'm only just saying the word matching? As a general rule I don't dress my children matching; coordinated maybe, but not matching. They have different personalities, and I feel like they should get to reflect that in what they wear. But Christmas means that normal rules don't apply. It is one time of year where I really allow myself to indulge in the cheesier side of life, and if that means dressing my children in the odd matching outfit for the sake of a lot of "awwwwwww"ing and some cute snaps for the memory bank, then so be it. And the fab thing about #GetYourStripes is you don't have to stop at your children, because they have them in adult sizes too (and in dog sizes if you have a fluffy family member who wants to join the fun).

Matalan challenged us to have a PJ Party at home alongside a special one that they threw at Alderhey, and who were we to refuse. So we donned our PJs, cracked out the matching mugs with some hot chocolate, and we stuck a movie on, snuggled under a blanket and ate copious popcorn. It was lovely to feel like we were connected to and helping support children, and their families, who are having a tough time. And it was also a lovely little activity to do together as a family (and the children have already asked if we can have another PJ Party at home soon).


  1. They do look wonderfully Christmassy - do you know if they're bringing them back into stock at all?

  2. They are festive, without being over the top which I love. You can't beat a pyjama party and I'm not surprised they've asked for another one. X

  3. Oooh loving these matching pyjamas - you guys look utterly adorable in them!


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