sunshine {see it snap it love it}

It's hard not to feel sunny when the sun is shining.
I am definitely a summer baby
and I love the sunshine.
And nothing matches a big, warm, bright sunshine
like a perfect, cloudless, blue sky.

It was definitely a good theme for this week,
and the weather played along.
I can't wait to see all your sunshine photographs linked up.

I chose this as the Photo of the Week for 'Morning'
I thought it summed up Louise from A Strong Coffee's morning really nicely.
So she gets to show off the winner badge if she wishes.

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<img src="" /></a>

I was very late picking my winner this week again,
so I'm picking the theme for next time of 'Best Friends'
and Louise will pick our next theme
which I will share next week.

But this week is about 'Sunshine'.
So get posting, linking up and tweeting your links.
Grab the badge and link back here.
And share some love and comment around when you get a chance.

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<img src="" /></a>


  1. Replies
    1. It was stunning. Such a rich colour, hence my need to photograph it. x

  2. Great snap as usual...hope you did not hurt your eyes :)

    1. Hehe nope. I kind of shot it blind and just kept snapping and using trial and error rather than looking through the view finder. I'm pleased with how it turned out. x

  3. Maybe a bit cheeky but it's what we got to do because of the sunshine this week. Feel free to delete mine if you think it doesn't fit. I'll pop the badge on in a mo.

    1. It looks good to me. Definitely fits the theme so it's definitely allowed. x


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