When we bought our home our spare room was just that;
a "spare" room.
It housed a desk, the computer, my many files of school stuff,
a unit with the overflow of clothes we couldn't fit in our own bedroom,
and a day bed for reading on 
and which conveniently pulled out into a kingsize bed for when we had visitors.

Within months of moving in and setting up our spare room
it was all change.
We were expecting our first baby
and that little person needed somewhere to sleep and store their clothes.
So we emptied half of our clothing-overflow unit to make some space,
we sold the desk and bought a cot to put in its place,
we painted the walls yellow and blue
and put up a picture shelf for all those lovely baby mementoes.
We kept the day bed come guest bed
because we would obviously still need space for guests.
We just figured they could have our room
and we would go and sleep in with the baby if we had people visiting.

It was a room that was sort of half way between a baby room and a spare room.
It served several purposes.
Nursery for baby,
storage room for "stuff",
guest room for occasional visitors.

Well no-one has slept in that room except for the little man ever since he arrived,
apart from one night when he was poorly
and I thanked my lucky stars there was a proper single size day bed in there 
so I could sleep while also being near my poorly boy.

But it has never really taken on the status of being 'his' room somehow,
probably because he rarely went in there except to sleep
and because we still used it as a spare room at times;
putting laundry that needed sorting on the day bed,
storing things in there temporarily when we didn't want them cluttering up more frequently used spaces.
And sorting it out went to the bottom of the list,
because its easiest to tidy and sort when he is napping
and he's always in there when he's napping.
It made me cross but as is the way with things in your home,
you sort of learn to live with annoying things
and you look past them after a while.

When I was expecting him
I would often go and sit in the nursery
and dream about what life would be like when my Dollop arrived.
It was so calm and peaceful in there
and yet exciting at the same time.
And in recent weeks I've found myself craving that again.
I want to be able to go and sit somewhere quiet and to think about Splodge.
I also kept thinking that as this room was soon to be shared by two children
that it was about time it stopped being a room with several purposes
and that it transitioned into a proper nursery;
a real children's room.

So with nesting instincts clearly going into overdrive
I decided that this room needed a fresh start
and a new look.
Decorating was unnecessary as the paint is still in good condition
and I still like the colour scheme and think it works for a children's room,
especially as Splodge's gender is still to be known.
So I hesitantly told the hubby that I wanted to move all the furniture around
so that it felt new and different
and ready for a new and different baby.

It worked.
I am completely back in love with that room
and it now looks like a kids room.
We've somehow managed to create more floor space and more storage space
which is always a bonus.
Plus the room is ready for the transitions that will be going on over the coming months.

Splodge will obviously sleep in our room for a few months
just like their old brother did.
But I will be back to sitting in the nursery to breastfeed (hopefully anyway)
and this room will be where all Splodge's clothes and things live.
Then a few months down the line
we're hoping the beautiful boy will be ready to go into the single bed
and his younger sibling can have the cot.
We are hoping this will only be a short term arrangement as we're hoping to move in the new year
but I want to be ready and have a plan of action at least,
because lets be honest,
moving house is a nightmare
 and it could take a lot longer than we plan.

I've cleared the picture shelf on one side of the room
so that's it's ready for Splodge's mementoes.
And I've even started getting one of the drawers ready with mini little newborn nappies
and some of the lovely baby things we've bought for our little Splodge
and that have already been sent to review in the autumn.
Opening that drawer makes me giddy with excitement
just like the drawers of mini things did when I was pregnant last time.

A little while ago I wrote about how I was denying the changes that were coming,
well I think it's fair to say that I'm not anymore.
I'm embracing them and I'm super excited.


  1. we are currently decorating our nursery and i cant wait until its finished and i can sit in there and imagine what it will be like <3

    1. It's such an exciting time and its so great to have somewhere to go to just think about it all, well that's what I've found anyway. x

  2. It's looking lovely hun and what an exciting time. X

  3. How exciting, it's getting closer all the time. Glad to hear you're embracing the changes; yes, it's different having two but so much fun x

  4. Looking lovely in there! It is all systems go now :-) Not much longer until little splodge makes their appearance x

  5. We are moving big boy into a big room this weekend! Just giving all his old stuff a new lease of life rather than buying anything new. Amazing how a new enthusiasm with the same things can make it look like a new space! xx Lovely post xx

  6. This looks beautiful Lucy - the countdown is on!


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