the best kind of toy

When you are a toddler
absolutely everything is a toy,
or a new place to sit,
or a new place to play,
or a new place to hide.

An old F1 tyre can give you,
quite literally,
hours of enjoyment
as you explore all things you can do with it.

You can climb on it
and in it
and through it.
You can roll it.
You can chase it.
You can hide things in it
or hide yourself in it.
The best thing of all
is that I remember playing with that same tyre for hours as child.
I used to roll my little brother around inside it,
around the garden.

It still remains a mystery to this day,
as to quite how my dad's friend managed to get his hands on a used F1 tyre
and have it sent through the post as a present to my brother.
But it definitely goes to show
that the best toys don't come from toy shops.


  1. Not just when your a toddler, I think that I could have quite a lot of fun with that now! ;o) How exciting! I love how it's the simple things! x

  2. Empty boxes provide hours of joy to my boys!

  3. Beautiful photographs. The best toys are the most unlikely aren't they? :)

  4. This is totally say that you get to play with an old F1 tyre...even my hubby is kind of jealous about this! Great pictures as usual and he sure seems to be having lots of fun!

  5. That is an awesome Toy and I am totally jealous! What fun. Glorious photo's! x

  6. I think that looks very fun! x

  7. This is totally awesome! He looked like he is having a brilliant time x

  8. I love how a child's imagination can turn the most ordinary thing into something they can play with for hours

  9. Fantastic photos -
    a child's imagination
    can open up possibilities
    for making the strangest things
    into play things!
    What fun:-)


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