m&s maternity nursing bra review

I've always trusted good old Marks and Spencers for bras.
I always feel like their staff are the most helpful
with regards to measuring
and that their bras do the job the best.
And I genuinely wouldn't trust anyone else for my maternity and nursing bras.

So being offered the chance to review something from their range of maternity and nursing bras was fantastic.
As I'm sure you all know;
pregnancy can do crazy things to your boobs
and it's recommended that you get measured regularly and avoid underwired bras.
The craziness only continues after he baby is born when your milk comes in
and I know from experience,
that if you breastfeed that they continue to change shape and size as your baby's feeding habits change.

I have to say that I was really apprehensive about having to drop the underwires when I was pregnant last time
as I had visions of having to wear nasty shapeless bras
that we're completely in attractive
and which didn't give me any shape whatsoever.
But I was happy to discover that Marks and Spencer's have a good range of non-underwired bras
many of which have moulded cups
which means that losing the wires doesn't mean that you lose shape.

I am a big fan of plain underwear that doesn't show through clothes.
I'm not keen on lacy or patterned stuff that ends up showing through or looking lumpy,
and their whole maternity and nursing range seems to be designed to be flattering and functional
without being frumpy.

I chose to review their Maternity Padded T-Shirt Nursing bras
which come in a very handy pack of two;
one black and one white for £30.
I think that's a really reasonable price for two bras
as women's underwear is notoriously very expensive.
While they say they are padded,
I wouldn't say that they make you any bigger,
it's just that the cups are shaped and moulded
so that they offer support.

I have to say that the first day I put on one
I instantly went "Ahhhh".
I'd been due to be re measured for a little while
and had been naughtily wearing a random assortment of bras from when I was pregnant last time depending on what I guessed fitted alright.
But I felt like a new woman in a bra that actually fit properly and comfortably.

The bra is suitable for maternity and for nursing
as it comes ready equipped with the little let down clips for breastfeeding
which I know from last time are a really useful feature.
I feel really supported when wearing it
but I don't feel like I'm wearing scaffolding
which is how I felt about some of the maternity and nursing bras I've tried.
It just feels like a nice, normal, everyday bra,
that looks good
and doesn't show through your clothes or ruin the line of your tops,
and which feels comfortable;
and that's what you want.

I was sent this item free of charge for the purposes of this review
but all words and opinions expressed are my own.

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